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YOU’VE NEVER SEEN RIMS LIKE THIS: Kawashima Celica 2012 model

By in 24-03-2012 3:48 pm

Remember the crazy FF drift, slammed, onikyan Celica driven by Drift Tengoku staff member Kawashima? After crashing the car at Fuji Speedway, he bought another Celica to modify. This car, he insisted, was going to be at least twice as crazy as the last one.

I dropped in on Body Shop Newtype earlier this week, which is run by Sexy Knights member Niiyan (who drives the Nanagouki RX-7) where the car will be worked on to see it had come along at all. He hadn’t started it at that point, but he posted up these pics on his blog yesterday.

Needless to say, this car is going to be attention-getting and opinion-forming.

The following is a translation of the post on Niiyan’s blog. Before you ask, yes the tyres hold air, yes the car has registration, yes, Kawashima plans to commute to work in it and drift it.

Good evening everyone, let’s begin.

You all enjoyed the video from Tsukuba, right? (He’s talking about this video – Alexi)

Well, let’s upload some coverage of stuff I do at my job.

I really have a lot of stuff to upload.

First of all…

Drift Tengoku Editing Squadron!


This car is the product of his fevered dreams.


Look at the camber angle it has!



DRIFT TENGOKU DVD: Vol. 64 preview

By in 13-06-2011 7:23 am

The preview for the next Doriten DVD came out the other day, and this time the main feature is about shakotan! It features current and former masters of belly-scraping drift, D1 Koguchi, 396 Ishiai and 326 Haruguchi! Not only is it a setup guide, but shows how to survive driving around day to day!

Just in case you’re wondering what shakotan is, it’s the Japanese word for “slammed car”. 車高短 is how it’s properly written, which are the kanji characters for “car, height, low”. However it’s very rare to see it spelled in kanji and is usually just seen as the katakana シャコタン.

Next is a traditional Ikaten competition at Owara Circuit followed by a guide on how to install an LSD in your Carry keitora, and a bit of test drifting by a mysterious masked drifter who looks a lot like Naoki Nakamura. Last is some coverage of the MSC Challenge from Sekia Hills.

Do these videos need to be subtitled in English or what?!


BIG IN JAPAN: Own a non-Japanese drifter and proud of it? I need your help!

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UPDATE: Thank you to all the people who sent in photos. I think I’m getting an extra two pages in the magazine this month!

A serious lack of petrol in the eastern part of Japan recently has meant that every single drifting event since the earthquake was cancelled. With nothing to shoot, workshops not opening and no way to get around, my camera has laid dormant in its bag, unable to take any new pics for the past couple of weeks!

So for those reasons, I ask the following question:

Do you drift an Escort, Mustang, or a Holden Ute? A Benz or a Beemer? A Ford, Holden, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Porsche, Volvo or even a Lada?

This month’s Noriyaro column in Drift Tengoku magazine is going to be all about “local and proud of it” drift cars.

This is a call to everyone in the USA and the UK, Aussies, Europeans, Enzedders and everyone else. Even if you think your car is fairly simple, as long as you get it sideways, I want to see it. From a work in progress to a circuit regular.

Conversely, if you’ve gone the Japanese body route, but have gone for a very local engine conversion, I want to see that too. A Volvo turbo, BMW V8, anything like that. In case you’re wondering, of course I still want to see your LS1 or LS8, no matter how blasphemous some might call the conversion! Don’t be afraid to stand beside your creation in the pic and do some JDM posing. Rope your girlfriend in if she’s blonde, they love that.

For every photo that gets chosen by Kawasaki-san and published in the magazine, I’ll send out a copy of the mag the pic is in, and a Drift Tengoku sticker.

What I need are fairly big resolution photos taken with anything other than a phone camera. Feel free to include a few different ones, especially action shots if you have them. Send them one or two at a time if your email can’t quite handle sending a lot at once.

If the photo was not taken by you, please make sure that you have permission from the photographer to use it. If you’re a photographer with some great shots and some details on the cars, please send them through.

Don’t worry about processing or cropping them. The mag designers will look after all that.

Make sure to include the owner’s name, what country you live in, some basic specs of the car, and why you like it.

Send the emails to alexi at noriyaro.com

I know this is kind of late notice, but I’ll need the pics by early next week at the latest. If you don’t already have any pics, this weekend might be a good time to do it!

Even if this doesn’t apply to you, if you know someone that drives something like this on a local forum or your club, please send them a link to the site.


CRISPY CRESTA: Time for a new project car?

By in 11-12-2010 2:59 am


This is Drift Tengoku magazine’s JZX100 Cresta (seen in better times about three-quarters the way down in this post). Can you spot what’s wrong with it? This isn’t my photo, so I’ll try and find out what happened.

Speaking of Drift Tengoku, I know that a lot of you are still keen to get the mag sent out. Just as I was sorting out packaging supplies and whatnot recently, Japan Post announced that they were no longer going to accept non-account-holder airmail packages to the USA that were over 453g (one pound), due to concern about explosives being sent by air. Considering your average Doriten weighs about that much, and that a fair bulk of orders were going to be from the USA, that kind of threw a spanner into things. Luckily, Japan Post repealed this condition just over a week ago, so things are once again going to go ahead.


EARLY GRAVE: The remains of the Drift Tengoku JZX90 Chaser

By in 01-10-2010 4:06 pm

After I put some pics of the new Drift Tengoku JZX100 Chaser demo car in this post, a few people were probably wondering (mostly DiscoQuinn) what happened to the old JZX90, as it wasn’t as in bad of a condition as the previous A31 Cefiro demo car was when it was retired.




DRIFT TENGOKU DVD: Vol. 59 preview

By in 02-08-2010 9:41 pm

OK, this one looks really good…

1:03 onwards
Doriten Staff: “He’s taking the bonnet off.”
Tsuchiya: “Using gumtape is faster than that!”
Mana-P: “If you break your bonnet pins, you take the whole bonnet off!? I don’t get it. Is that bonnet really so…”
Nomuken: “…easy to take off?”
Tsuchiya: “What the hell?”
Orido: “I don’t get what they’re doing.”
Mana-P: “I don’t get it.”
Orido: “That’s like if you rip your pantyhose, you take your underwear off.”
Mana-P: “Orido…nice one.”

2:28 onwards
Nomuken: “Geez, when there’s an Ikaten, all sorts of people show up, don’t they. These guys are probably here to watch eh?”
Michiko: “It’s (Team Burst) Nakamura

EDIT: A longer version of this trailer has just been posted. View it here!