CHO~TSURAICHI: Hellaflush Fuji Speedway, Part I

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I was out until all hours the night before, but I still managed to make it out to Fuji Speedway yesterday to catch a bit of the Hellafush show held around the back of the main stands.

Since I was only there for a couple of hours, how about we stick mostly to the drift-style cars? If you watched the 1JZ Meeting pit-walk video, you would have caught this Chaser right at the end.

Yep, it passes the “flush” test.

I’m kind of sure this guy drove the car there with no registration.

Oh well, whatever. It looks cool and can drift.

N-Style Nagahama’s 1JZ Soarer.

It can definitely drift. In fact, Nagahama-san runs quite a few track days every year at Nikko Circuit.

Flush and driftable, pass.

Ninety-nine problems, and the door not being closed properly is one.

This Soarer belongs to Nakamura-san, who is also part of the N-Style crew. After a crash, it was repainted in this tan colour. You can see how these two cars used to look in this post.


Team Spirant Nakasaka has also updated his Roadster’s look from when we last saw it at Okegawa.

It seems like he’s swapped the Demon Cambers out for some Goocars.

Wait a minute. Something about this car looks very familiar!

Drift Tengoku editor Kawasaki has also ditched the pink and white Tokyo Auto Salon scheme and repainted his GT-R in the same red colour it used to be.

“Hey, do some sort of cool pose.”

“No, like do some sort of pose like you’re thinking about something.”

“That’s not really what I meant…”

“You know what, forget about it…”

This satin-black RX-8 is a drifter as well. Pass!

I’ve never seen this car before, and it’s probably too clean to be a drifter.

Laurels sure do have a big rear end on them. Noriyaro, the ASSMAN.

The fitment is pretty good though. Pass!

If you’re going to run cheap knock-off wheels, at least try to make them look good like this!

More tomorrow!

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