YOU’VE NEVER SEEN RIMS LIKE THIS: Kawashima Celica 2012 model

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Remember the crazy FF drift, slammed, onikyan Celica driven by Drift Tengoku staff member Kawashima? After crashing the car at Fuji Speedway, he bought another Celica to modify. This car, he insisted, was going to be at least twice as crazy as the last one.

I dropped in on Body Shop Newtype earlier this week, which is run by Sexy Knights member Niiyan (who drives the Nanagouki RX-7) where the car will be worked on to see it had come along at all. He hadn’t started it at that point, but he posted up these pics on his blog yesterday.

Needless to say, this car is going to be attention-getting and opinion-forming.

The following is a translation of the post on Niiyan’s blog. Before you ask, yes the tyres hold air, yes the car has registration, yes, Kawashima plans to commute to work in it and drift it.

Good evening everyone, let’s begin.

You all enjoyed the video from Tsukuba, right? (He’s talking about this video – Alexi)

Well, let’s upload some coverage of stuff I do at my job.

I really have a lot of stuff to upload.

First of all…

Drift Tengoku Editing Squadron!


This car is the product of his fevered dreams.


Look at the camber angle it has!

It’s not the sort of thing you usually see.

How sweet is it?!

He also insists on commuting to work in this car…

Where there’s supposed to be letters on the sidewall, wires are sticking out!

The rears are even worse LOL.

Sometimes? All the time? The rims are rubbing the quarter.

So, we’re going to put on these 12J wheels.

He sent me these blueprints LOL

His plans are…

Something like this…

Not tyres sticking out, but just wheels sticking out LOLOLOLOLOL

Well, this won’t happen all that easily.


Let’s start with the rear.

I estimated the arch needed to be raised by about 9cm.

Jacked up, it looked like this…


Here’s a collection of spacers from the car.

By the way, this was just from one side.

For now, let’s cut this fender like a man!

That should do it.

Let’s stick the wheel on and see what happens!

( ´艸`)


Σ(゚д゚; )

(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ; )


That was a bit harder than I expected…

The body panel came out better than the fender liner.

So, what should I do now?

How much will I get done before the Nagoya Showdown?


– Niiyan

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  • Nic says:

    Wow straight up Gangster!

    Alexi do you know of any videos of him driving the old yellow one? I’d really like to see it in action 😀

  • KupoHp says:

    Lol wow! Always something new in Japan. I wonder how long before american fan boys copy this..

  • sofried says:

    good god yes.

    i hope he fixed that heinous ghetto rigged camber link/spacer shit though…

  • Dale says:

    I doesn’t look in the remotest good! Infact quite frankly it looks and also is awful! Why why why? Complete waste of time!! And a waste of car! Looks like something some prick would do to a Corsa

  • DaveT says:

    Well this is just something else.

    I thought this was extreme:

  • Warren says:

    This is ugly and stupid as shit but at the same just as awesome.
    To be honest between that and the most exaggerate bosozoku car I don’t know which one to pick to give it the prize of the stupidest looking car.

  • jmuag says:

    April Fools is coming up, do they celebrate April Fools in Japan?

  • Jake P says:

    Alexi, Im so glad your posted this! I recently bought a Silver zzt230 Celica after I sold my EK civic. I was heavily inspired by Kawashima San’s yellow Celica, thats what lead me to my purchase. Now to see he’s building a silver ZZT!! OMG!! How cool! Keep us all updated on this Awesome build please!! THANKS ALEXI!! NORIYARO<3 !!!

  • Kevin says:

    @Dale maybe so thats an opinon thing but theres no denying that he will continue to drift and enjoy his car which is something the majority of car enthusiasts miss which is missing the whole point really

  • Danny says:

    I don’t think it’s all about if it looks good in your eyes it’s more for the point of pushing the limit out there (way out there :p). Not conforming to “how you should mod your car”. The way I see it the scene is so clogged up with everyone doing the same but trying to be unique (hey it works and looks cool so if you dig it do it). It’s fresh seeing a car crazy like this I’m sure the owner loves it and doesn’t give a dam what anyone thinks. This car shows character!

  • nya21 says:

    i know this car in tas 2012 parking lot

  • Henry says:

    Rad. I’m feelin how bonkers this is.

  • Dale says:

    What I’m trying to say is that I cannot see the point of doing pointless mods to a car! Not one thing that has been done to the car will make it drive or perform better and that in my eyes makes it all pointless!

    • Warren says:

      So does most of those hellaflush posers cars with roof racks and hipster fixies on top of it.
      Anyway, the fact that he’s drifting an FF already tells how much he cares about “handling”, let alone all the mods he did/will do on his previous car/this car.
      I don’t like the car either, but I admire how serious he is about the build and how he’s doing thing to the fullest, even as ridiculous as it is.
      To me this really compares with bosozoku cars, yes, most of them are ridiculous, but they make it so seriously that you gotta respect it even tho you don’t like.

  • Vadimulia says:

    need BIG fotos of that Celica
    its AWESOME!

  • watson says:

    the fact that its driven and drifted make this thing is 110% awesome.

    “because you can” is a good enough reason to do anything… do you need a 1000hp GTR on the street? do you need a 205(or whatever) on a 12J rim? good on him for pushing peoples thinking, and not just building another RPS13 with a fake vertex kit.

  • samsam says:

    this is totally insane…

  • crinale says:

    what’s the link to the original blog post?

  • matiz says:

    Can someone explain?

    IS THIS “DOUBLE LIP” RIM OR WHAT? I cant understand how its made… Theres no air in the tire?

  • ad says:

    Kawashima’s Celica has always been a favorite of mine. It stands out in a sea of drifters, each one different in it’s own ways. Not everyone can afford to make their car wild or beautiful or by-the-books, but Kawashima, I’m sure, can. And he chooses to deviate. He chooses to make a ridiculous and hilarious and mind-blowing car that turns heads and raises questions and gets down to business when he takes it out on the track.

    His car is fun. He has fun working on it, driving it, and talking about it. It’s fun just to look at. Jeremy Clarkson put it best, I think. It has the most important factor a car should have – it’s a laugh.

    Bravo, Kawashima-san, and thank you, Alexi, for sharing this balls-out madman’s work with us!


  • James says:

    i really want to see the front wheels turning on the spot. that must look pretty weird when the new mods are finished!

  • Ditooo says:

    im passed out (X_X) the super fukin ass OFFSET ive ever seen ! damn!

  • Dave says:

    ahh just have to respect that guy for doing what he’s doing, it takes a lot of balls to do something this crazy in today’s stance/drift scene 😀

  • Hamish says:

    crazy fitment!! Has he considered rocking a motorcycle tire..? they might last longer.

  • canadian says:

    gayest shit I’ve ever seen. You can actually drift but decide to make this piece of shit instead of something cool. Time poorly wasted.