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INSIDE ORANGE: Behind the scenes at Odaiba

By in 27-07-2012 9:44 pm

Since it’s Friday, I’m guessing some of you were looking forward to another Noriyaro Raw video. Unfortunately, I’ve completely run out of new footage to use!  So, the question I have is, did you enjoy the videos more than the usual photos? More videos? More of everything? More of something in particular? Send me an email to the address there on the right or leave a comment if there’s something you’d like to say.

In the meantime, here’s few behind-the-scenes pics from when I was covering the campaign of international drivers at the Odaiba round of D1 Grand Prix, which you can read about here on the Yokohama Australia website.



DRIFTSQUID IN D1GP: Arriving at Ebisu Circuit

By in 10-04-2012 1:55 pm

I often receive emails saying that I’m “living the dream” doing all this stuff over here in Japan, but here’s a guy who is really living the drifting dream. All this week, I’ll be covering Australian driver Jake “DriftSquid” Jones, who is at Ebisu Circuit at the moment getting ready to compete in the Odaiba round of D1GP this weekend in this Team Orange Impreza!

CLICK HERE to read the articles on Yokohama ADVAN Australia’s website.

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THIS IS NOT A DEMO RUN: Kunny at Mobara

By in 16-09-2011 2:33 am

As those who follow the Facebook page may have noticed, I was out at Mobara Twin on Wednesday to watch an Ikaten event.

The demo driver for this event was Kuniaki “Kunny” Takahashi, who did the most un-demonstration-like demo-run I’ve ever seen. Rather than show an example of a good run, he basically put it in fourth and blazed the entire corner. You know when there’s so much tyresmoke that it sort of casts a yellow light on everything? It was that thick.

I didn’t really do actual coverage of this event, so if you’re interested at what goes on at an Ikaten, read part one and part two of this event I went to a while ago.



TAMING THE BEAST: Tuning the Team Orange Laurel

By in 14-04-2011 1:32 am

Kumakubo was out again today on Higashi Course at Ebisu Circuit. He was doing some more testing to the engine settings of the nitrous-assisted RB26 in the new Team Orange Laurel.

Just because the sound of it is fantastic, here’s a video that I shot today!