DRIFT TENGOKU DVD: Vol. 59 preview

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OK, this one looks really good…

1:03 onwards
Doriten Staff: “He’s taking the bonnet off.”
Tsuchiya: “Using gumtape is faster than that!”
Mana-P: “If you break your bonnet pins, you take the whole bonnet off!? I don’t get it. Is that bonnet really so…”
Nomuken: “…easy to take off?”
Tsuchiya: “What the hell?”
Orido: “I don’t get what they’re doing.”
Mana-P: “I don’t get it.”
Orido: “That’s like if you rip your pantyhose, you take your underwear off.”
Mana-P: “Orido…nice one.”

2:28 onwards
Nomuken: “Geez, when there’s an Ikaten, all sorts of people show up, don’t they. These guys are probably here to watch eh?”
Michiko: “It’s (Team Burst) Nakamura

EDIT: A longer version of this trailer has just been posted. View it here!


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