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NORIYARO STICKERS GET: As long as you’re at Eastern Creek Raceway

By in 04-08-2011 11:56 pm

I was out at Eastern Creek Raceway today to see the preliminary practice day for the World Time Attack Challenge, and it’s looking to be be an incredibly enjoyable event for all the spectators who come along to watch. I’ve never seen such a large amount of dry carbon fibre in one place before. I’d also say it’s worth coming just to hear Mad Mike’s 26B-powered RX-7  with your own ears.

I’ll also be out there for the next two days working yet again with Hoon Media’s Mark Boxer on the official Yokohama Advan videos, so if you do happen to come along and spot me in the pits somewhere, pull me up and mention the website to score yourself two free Noriyaro vinyl stickers. I only have as many as I can fit in my pocket, so don’t be afraid to ask early in case you miss out!


I HEART OOIFUTO: Or should that be Maruifuto?

By in 20-04-2011 7:52 pm

Ever seen those videos of big Toyotas street drifting around a high-speed corner into a long straight? That’s a spot called Ooifuto, a port area in Tokyo Bay. Unfortunately, large barriers have since been installed on that main corner, making it all but useless. There is still street drifting there in a spot nearby, but nowhere near what it used to be.

This sticker has the first 大 character of 大井 censored out, so it’s not too obvious to any passing policeman that the driver of the car it’s attached to doesn’t always “safety drive”.  If you want to watch some videos from Ooifuto, put 大井 ドリフト into a Youtube video search, or you could just click here or here.

For some super old-school, check this one!


TURTLE HEAD POWER: Japanese sticker gags

By in 11-05-2009 12:20 am

I should start up some regular posts about Japanese drift stickers again, since there are so many great ones kicking about.

The characters 攻めの4亀頭 written on the sticker are pronounced “seme no yon kitou”, which would normally mean “attack with all four cylinders!”

However, the characters for “cylinder” (気筒) have been replaced with the characters for “turtle head” (亀頭), which are written differently, but can also be pronounced “kitou”.

I think you can guess the rest.