DRIFT TENGOKU DVD: Vol. 64 preview

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The preview for the next Doriten DVD came out the other day, and this time the main feature is about shakotan! It features current and former masters of belly-scraping drift, D1 Koguchi, 396 Ishiai and 326 Haruguchi! Not only is it a setup guide, but shows how to survive driving around day to day!

Just in case you’re wondering what shakotan is, it’s the Japanese word for “slammed car”. 車高短 is how it’s properly written, which are the kanji characters for “car, height, low”. However it’s very rare to see it spelled in kanji and is usually just seen as the katakana シャコタン.

Next is a traditional Ikaten competition at Owara Circuit followed by a guide on how to install an LSD in your Carry keitora, and a bit of test drifting by a mysterious masked drifter who looks a lot like Naoki Nakamura. Last is some coverage of the MSC Challenge from Sekia Hills.

Do these videos need to be subtitled in English or what?!


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  • Devon says:

    Hell YES!!! Or my lazy ass should learn Japanese…

  • Alexander says:

    Hell yeah they need those English subs! Japanese is a fairly easy to understand language, especially when you come from Russia, a halfliter of vodka and you’re there lol
    Thanks for the update Alexi, splenderd job, much love from the Eastern Block

  • James Colin says:

    Where’s the girl with the boobies…?

  • Musuko says:

    I think it would be good to have those dvds with sub in english as less.
    I’m sure that the masked drifter is Nakamura-san and it’s nice to see him again on dvds not only in Drift Muscle series, he’s a nice driver and it’s a very big shame that he got banned from D1GP series and D1SL for street drif, I understand him perfectly when he said that he wanted to practice in the streets.
    I hope everything goes OK to him.

  • Isidro says:

    Yes, they definitely need English subs.

  • Discern says:

    Just wondering if anything’s happening with the mailing of tengoku mags to aus??

  • SLAiNTRAX says:

    I’ve started translating the Drift Heaven videos, but my english is so bad, I cannot understand what they’re saying properly. Nomuken speaking is like moonspeak to me. Dialect errywere up in this!

  • SLAiNTRAX says:

    Whoops, I obviously meant Japanese.

  • lachlan says:

    looks like an awesome volume! kei trucks have my heart

  • KyShro says:

    Needs Eng subs soooo bad. I would buy more of these DVD’s if they had a subtitle option……

  • dousan says:

    love sekia hills team drift things
    so awesome.

  • Nismoe says:

    No need for english subs, because I understand enough Japanese I can generally make my way through it using it as practice as well. It makes me feel like a big man.

  • Dave says:

    hell yeah ;D even tho i am starting to learn japanese it’s along way till i’ll understand all of that Q.Q

  • Julian says:

    Where can I buy this???

  • pete says:

    Pllleaase tell me were I can get this in the US!! shipped or buy direct!!