EXCITING CAR SHOWDOWN PART II: Bike engines, pink things and bead sealer

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First up in part two is Goto-san’s new KP61 Starlet project streetcar. As you can see, it’s been done in the same satin green as his AE86

…however the engine is not your usual 4AGE.

See it yet?

How does sticking in an 1100cc bike engine and making a Gixxer Starlet sound?

Sequential shifter of course. You can see the standard meters and switchwork behind the steering wheel.

While the engine is all wired up and runs, the transmission isn’t actually hooked up yet, as Goto-san hasn’t had time to properly figure out how to get the propeller shaft to work. He said he thought at first about just doing a regular old chain-drive like most of the other bike-engined cars out there, but decided against it, and is going to pull the engine out again, remount it and hook the rear wheels up properly.

I know how weird 31 Skyline people can be, so I thought you might enjoy this R31 House RC shell.

For the rest of us normal people, here’s an 86 in Spirant green. Since it’s not too obvious, Spirant is pronounced “spy-rant” by its members, not “spih-rant”.

This is Sue-san (pronounced soo-eh, as in “Suenaga”) with his Stagea wagon. He was at the Doriten stand to promote a special “Wagon vs FF” drifting event to be held on the 5th of November at Suzuka Twin Circuit. Only FF dori and wagons allowed, which includes vans like Previas! Any Stagea or FF drifting freaks should book some cheap plane tickets right now.

Remember Kawashima-san’s Celica with its mad DIY camber mods and ridiculously stretched tyres?

Apparently he had a bit of trouble keeping the tyres seated, which isn’t surprising considering that the tyres don’t even sit on the bead seat! To fix it, he’s basically emptied a tin of bead sealer around the edge of the tyre. Yes, it’s still street driven.

I’m finding it hard to write a caption for this one, but the point I wanted to make was that a car that looks crazy is always going to help win a bit of attention from the crowd when you’re out on the track.

Doriten Kawasaki’s R32 GT-R.

Keeping up the pink theme, here’s an FR-converted Nissan Pao with an SR20.

Looks factory, sort of.

An S14 Silvia dash replaces the standard Pao retro-style one.

Kinda cool, huh? Speaking of pink things, what’s that in the background?

It’s Sacchan! Wait, I don’t think that pose is cute enough. Do it again.

OK, that’s good too.

Her interior is getting crazier by the day. If you wanted to make a really bad joke here, you could say “bara bara bara” (ばらばらバラ) which translates as “scattered roses”. I didn’t say it because it would have been met with much rolling of eyes and being asked why I was making the sorts of jokes you might hear from your uncle.

Everyone’s favourite street drifter was there too, and confirmed that he will indeed be competing in Dorikin and Dai-chan’s new Drift Muscle series.

One thing I have to apologise for is forgetting to take any shots of the Motorfix V8 KE70, so to make up for it, here’s one video of it doing some happy revving, and here’s another one. All good?

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