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PICKING OUT PICS: Mobara MSC official photos

By in 20-11-2010 3:33 am

You can always count on the MSC guys to get some great pics of all the cars that attend their events. The report from the last round at Mobara Circuit went up yesterday, and here’s the official shot of my Mark II.

Here’s the shot of Nishi Tokorozawa Racing, the triple team I entered in with Shino and her boyfriend Yoshio in the Silvia. You can see the team stickers on the bottom-right of the windscreens.

Shino was driving her practice R32 Skyline, as it would have been a bit tricky to match an AE86 in with large turbo cars. AE86 fans needn’t worry though, as Shino hasn’t given up on them just yet. As I literally type this, she’s doing an expressway run down to Osaka to run in her new Expert OZ engine rebuild.

If you’re interested in seeing more, here’s the link to the Mobara round report on the MSC site.

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