EARLY GRAVE: The remains of the Drift Tengoku JZX90 Chaser

October 1, 2010 4:06 pm Published by

After I put some pics of the new Drift Tengoku JZX100 Chaser demo car in this post, a few people were probably wondering (mostly DiscoQuinn) what happened to the old JZX90, as it wasn’t as in bad of a condition as the previous A31 Cefiro demo car was when it was retired.


Here’s your answer. It’s stripped out and sitting in a field next to Ito Auto Service. It’s not getting crushed into a cube and taken to the Streetracer’s Shrine (more on that another time) like the Cefiro was though. It will probably be rebuilt at some point, although not as a nitroused automatic like it was before!


There’s still some remains of the JZX110 interior conversion left inside, but not much else. Inquiries and offers to Ito Auto.


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