CRISPY CRESTA: Time for a new project car?

December 11, 2010 2:59 am Published by


This is Drift Tengoku magazine’s JZX100 Cresta (seen in better times about three-quarters the way down in this post). Can you spot what’s wrong with it? This isn’t my photo, so I’ll try and find out what happened.

Speaking of Drift Tengoku, I know that a lot of you are still keen to get the mag sent out. Just as I was sorting out packaging supplies and whatnot recently, Japan Post announced that they were no longer going to accept non-account-holder airmail packages to the USA that were over 453g (one pound), due to concern about explosives being sent by air. Considering your average Doriten weighs about that much, and that a fair bulk of orders were going to be from the USA, that kind of threw a spanner into things. Luckily, Japan Post repealed this condition just over a week ago, so things are once again going to go ahead.

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  • Grupert Awesome says:

    Whoa, that’s gnarly…
    Well, there’s always the stripped chassis that’s sitting in that yard.

  • Woody says:

    They gutted it for weight reduction?

  • brian says:

    Thats a full stop if I ever saw one. No coming back from that

  • dousan says:

    isnt this the second car they lost due to a fire? or am i thinking of another one.
    anywyas, not so good.

  • Levon says:

    uhh… it definitely looks crispy!

  • Chris says:

    :O How did it get burnt?

  • Isidro says:

    I’m glad that no-DTmag condition was repealed!

  • BlueSlug says:

    wild! most of the paint and the rims are still intact, so it must not have been *that* bad of a fire. a friend of mine had his mk4 GTI go up in flames a few years ago, and his tires and alloys actually melted :O i think i still have a piece of melted windscreen somewhere lol.. here’s how it looked the next day:

    Good to hear things are getting back on track with the doriten shipments 😀 i’ll be honest i’d kind of written that off lol, figured you were too busy with other stuff

  • onotole says:

    Problems with nitrous?

  • ApexR says:

    Boro boro. Is it just me or are the doriten projects always an example of how not to do stuff? most of the 90’s stuff seems that way.

  • mitch says:

    looks like the fire was *bad* but looks like mud directly around the car meaning they put it out

  • NICK says:

    Im surprized they have just left it there!
    Please send wheels to NZ!! haha

  • WhitexxWolf says:

    Well, I finally see that Alexi has gotten his site up, kudos to you my friend and I have to say arigato for once again trying you best even when things suck, well I have to say that whatever happened to the cresta I feel freaking bad for the person who’s car practically blew up on them, so hopefully the driver is ok and best of luck to them and maybe in the future I will be out there drifting with the best. And actually this post reminds me to say that I am actually going to school to become a auto mechanic and I hope that I will be able to wrench with the best and like the best, not meaning to sound stuck up, but I hope to become pretty good like the best and open up my own tuning shop in, well here is the GPS coordinates if it gives you any help 42°26′16″N 71°41′18″W / 42.43778°N 71.68833°W / 42.43778. So once again best of luck and hopefully your site runs as good as a freshly, never driven ’00 Nissan Skyline R-34 GTR with NO miles,


  • Killua says:

    Vin Diesel: NOS!!


  • mobilespeed says:

    I think this is the 2nd time Doriten burn their cars…

    the first one was their pink/white Cefiro at Fuji Speedway…