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SUZUKI ALTO: Kei car love

By in 21-01-2009 12:30 am

Noriyaro is all about driving in Japan, so enough of the Sprinters and Nissans and big Toyotas for now. Have a quick look at the smaller side of going fast, namely the Suzuki Alto turbo.

This red one is owned by a girl down in Okayama Prefecture who doesn’t just cruise around narrow backstreets, but actually thrashes it on the track on a set of little 185/50 13-inch Advan Neovas. The three-piston exhaust note has a very distinct sound, especially when revving to 9000rpm and combined with a miniature blow-off valve.



A DUET OF PLEASURES: Kiirochan’s 180SX

By in 16-01-2009 12:30 am

This is “Kiirochan”. She drifts her yellow 180SX at full speed while wearing skintight jeans.

Every now and again, somewhere between the freezing winter mornings, numerous low doorways and lack of proper Australian lamb chops, I get a little reminder of why I came to Japan.

More on this later.


ULTIMATE JDM: You think your pallets are cool?

By in 15-01-2009 12:30 am

You’ve got nothing on a Mugen pallet.

Yes, this is a bit of a half-arsed post, but I’ve been flat-out since last Friday ferrying the boys from Auto Salon magazine around to various workshops around Tokyo and far, far beyond.

Unfortunately, since they’re paying me for it, I can’t go ahead and show pics of the cars, since that would be unprofessional. I can show you cool little things I find on the way and take photos of with my mobile phone though. I also just wanted to put this photo up before mag photographer Mark Pakula does. Ha, I beat you. Nyah.

More actual photos taken with a camera and not a phone coming soon.


WEEKEND EDITION: Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Part II

By in 11-01-2009 12:30 am

JZX100, Mark II, BN Sports, 19/20 stagger.

If you’re still wondering why I didn’t take a proper camera to Auto Salon, it’s because I was helping out Charles Kha and Mark Pakula from Australia’s Autosalon magazine (no relation to the Japanese show, but related to the Australian show), so it would be a conflict of interest if I posted a whole lot of high-resolution photos. Yep, I’m a sell-out, so buy Autosalon magazine when it comes out, because the photos and design are awesome.