A DUET OF PLEASURES: Kiirochan’s 180SX

January 16, 2009 12:30 am Published by

This is “Kiirochan”. She drifts her yellow 180SX at full speed while wearing skintight jeans.

Every now and again, somewhere between the freezing winter mornings, numerous low doorways and lack of proper Australian lamb chops, I get a little reminder of why I came to Japan.

More on this later.

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  • dousan says:

    is that her?
    i always wonder how these people really drift
    because that one that was all over the net w/ the brownish 180 and the gcorp wing was oh this is rad. and doriten makes it look awesome then i saw vids. and lost interest.

  • Shane says:

    nice car very yellow.
    she was in drift tengoku!

  • p.haire says:

    skin tight jeans you say.

  • ram says:

    god i would miss lamb chops if i were overseas

  • Mitch says:

    Better put ALL the pics up and not keep the good ones to yourself, nudge nudge….

    I guess V-mount?

  • dousan says:

    no its not. its the ic up against the radiator set up
    mid mount

  • Luke says:

    Hey Alexi, did she crash at Ebisu Minami course a couple months back, i remember seeing a bright yellow car hit the main wall and i remember seeing a girl get out but cant remember if she was driving or passenger, same wheels and style of this car. This car aslo had a partner in crime another S13 chassie team member in yellow.

  • Alexi says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. I was driving back from Tochigi snow touge and saw her car parked in a random place on the side of Route 4 with no lights on, so I pulled over to see if anything was wrong. She was passed out sitting upright in the bucket seat after driving all day at Ebisu (I found out the next day).

  • McNugget Jones says:

    She crashed at Minami in the Summer Matsuri, but the Yellow 180SX you’re maybe talking about is her boyfriend’s CA 180. Both cars got hurt that weekend. Shout out to team Shout Rouge!! (that’s their team name) She’s also the OG Nikko Queen. I think they started doing that three, maybe four years back…

  • Paul says:

    I wonder if she knows 100000kms away numerous gaijin are talking about her.

  • Luke says:

    Yeah that its, i was just about to head out to north course and seen the yellow 180 hit the wall!

  • Luke says:

    Also Alexi i forgot to write, i understand her pain when we drive back from Matsuri etc if i dont have anyone riding shotgun with me i tend to fall asleep while driving. It happened 5 or 6 times then i had to pull over and get a 30min sleep in before the trip came to crashing end.

  • Matej says:

    ^She should put sticker on her windshield saying “Y’all ain’t ready for this yellow fever,” since the car is yellow and all.

  • Earl says:


    Y E L L O W F E V E R