WEEKEND EDITION: Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Part II

January 11, 2009 12:30 am Published by

JZX100, Mark II, BN Sports, 19/20 stagger.

If you’re still wondering why I didn’t take a proper camera to Auto Salon, it’s because I was helping out Charles Kha and Mark Pakula from Australia’s Autosalon magazine (no relation to the Japanese show, but related to the Australian show), so it would be a conflict of interest if I posted a whole lot of high-resolution photos. Yep, I’m a sell-out, so buy Autosalon magazine when it comes out, because the photos and design are awesome.

There were a couple of Knight Rider replicas at the show.

Kumakubo’s new Evo X is about a million times better looking than his IX.

G Works magazine (formerly known as Auto Works) had a great range of classic Japanese metal on their stand.

Some more Rauh Welt Porsche.

Mark getting in the way.

This character is sort of a Japanese Barney the Dinosaur.

The Japanese word for “underboob” is “shitapai”, which literally translates to exactly the same words.

Melonbooks is a store that specialises in selling erotic manga and whatnot.

Kei-san from Chargespeed getting rid of the massive head from a jug of beer. Thanks for the dinner!


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