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WEEKEND EDITION – 6th December 2008

By in 06-12-2008 12:30 am

Remember this post about the Fairlady rollover at Ebisu? I posted up the videos on Mixi, a Japanese social networking site, and the happy chap seen crawling out of the car found it and wrote a comment.

Here’s what he had to say, translated into English as best as I could.

Oh~OK Japanese killer Z!!
my name is crazy86shidancho!

I was in the passenger seat of that Z.
Maaan, I thought I was going to die!

Mr Alexi

nice camera shot
thank you!! OK

And now…

Japanese MURDeR Z!!!
Sushi yoroshiku
p(~へ~; What the hell am I talking about…

Sounds like the kind of guy who’d laugh as a car rolled over while he was in it.



SUICHUUKA: Those weird shift knobs from Japan

By in 05-12-2008 12:30 am

Bubble shifters, dildo knobs, call them what you will, these unusual shift knobs from Japan are one of those souvenirs that everyone who visits a Super Autobacs on their compulsory trip to Japan ends up buying. To find the most awesome of models though, you really need to visit a truck parts shop.

In case you were wondering, the traditional name for them is “suichuuka”.



JAPANESE INSPECTION: Getting the R32 on the road

By in 04-12-2008 12:30 am

Before I bought the R32 GTS-t a couple of weeks ago, I honestly had no idea what sort of car I would end up with over here.

Why get a Skyline of all things? Why come to Japan just to get a car easily available back in my home country? This is the land of exotic JZX100 four-doors and a AE86 maniac’s dream. While this is true, they are still as proportionally expensive here as they are back home, and there are other reasons not to buy the dream car too early.

After consulting various drivers, workshops owners and friends, the majority of recommendations fell upon buying either an S14 Silvia or an AE86.



BEST $300 HE EVER SPENT: Fairlady rollover at Ebisu

By in 01-12-2008 12:30 am

A grisly photo like this, when posted on the internet, is usually followed by woeful story of corners that were too wet, speeds that were too high, and insurance that is inadequate enough to cover the resulting crumped mess of oily, dirt-encrusted metal and broken glass.

This crash however, brought nothing but the kind of insane joy and laughter you can only get from crawling out unscathed from a high-speed rollover crash.



What’s going on? You said “Updated Every Weekday”!!!

By in 20-11-2008 10:55 pm

I know, but that was before I bought a car.

A black R32 GTS-t with GT-R-replica nose now sits in my tiny parking space here in Japan.

As many of you would know, the first week or so of owning a new car (by which I mean old and slightly modified car that has been sitting in a dealer’s yard for nine months) is filled with enjoyable things like changing various fluids on a cold concrete floor, wondering why certain important instruments like the fuel gauge don’t work (at least the warning light does), finding rounded nuts left by the previous owner and fumbling to find the interior doorhandle at night.

All of this is shortly to be followed by the Ebisu Autumn Drift Matsuri this weekend, in the predicted minus two degree wind chill temperatures at night (28 degrees for our American friends) and drizzle/snow.

Things should be back to normal on Tuesday.

That, or they could get weirder.