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FASHIONABLY LATE: JCCA New Year Meeting 2010

By in 01-02-2010 10:57 pm

Once again, just like last year (part one here and part two here), I turned up right at the end of the day when everyone was leaving.

I suppose you want an excuse? Well, I had a very big Friday night which led into a very big Saturday night which finally ended at a club at 6:00AM on the Sunday morning of the show. The club is actually only about fifteen minutes by train from the Odaiba parking lot, but I didn’t have my equipment on me, and I also really needed some sleep and a change of clothes. If it’s any consolation, I had a great time, thanks.

Enjoy the pics I did actually take.





By in 24-01-2010 11:20 pm

I thought Australians were good at finding excuses to slack off and go drinking.

Late last year, I attended quite a few bounenkai or “year end parties”. The word literally means “forget the year meeting”, which with the aid of lots of alcohol, isn’t hard to do.

Not only that, less than a month later, everyone is having a shinnenkai or “new year party”, in which everyone gets together and talks about how good the coming year will be, and what they’re planning to do. Last night, I attended the Garage LFW shinnenkai, who have recently announced their D1 Street Legal campaign team, headed by last year’s third-ranked Seimi Tanaka.

Garage LFW’s boss, Satoshi Nakatani, said that I don’t put enough of his stuff on Noriyaro, so here’s a shot of his S14 at engine builders STF from the other day.


KAWASAKI’S NISSAN: Drift Tengoku’s drift GT-R

By in 15-10-2009 4:38 am

Here’s another car that was parked at Fuji Speedway recently, nicely slammed on some Blitz 03 wheels. It’s the Drift Tengoku project GT-R that belongs to the editor, Ryuusuke Kawasaki.

For those that follow Doriten, the legendary pink and white JZX90 Chaser has finally run out of registration, so they’re moving on to a JZX100 Cresta kouki. I can’t wait to see that!

Kawasaki-san told me that he regularly reads Noriyaro, and reckons the photography is cool. Not bad eh?