FOUR DOOR MEN: Car Modify Wonder at Nikko Circuit, Part II

November 24, 2009 7:42 pm Published by

“My driving kind of sucks today.” Haruyama said.

It’s all relative, I guess.

A lot of the other drivers were doing pretty well though.

Fazz’s Ando-san had fun playing with some of the other drivers in expert class. I’ve always found it interesting to see who is easily intimidated by a car following close behind, and who isn’t. You can never pick it until you actually see them in action though.

Not this car’s best angle, but still a good angle.

This externally-wastegated S14 is driven by a girl, and she’ll be competing in the Goodyear Gurachan D event this weekend in the same class as me.

Fazz’s Shigeru Takahashi was there too.

So was D1 driver Murayama, burning up some leftover competition tyres.

Of course, guys of this level don’t mind driving door-to-door.

Actually, a lot of the usual suspects were out at the Wonder event.

This is for whoever wanted to see the Spirant JZX100 engine bay.

Silver and Type-X goes together like rice and miso soup.

The Japanese word to describe a shiny car like this is “pika pika”.

Ando-san said he wants to do some tandem runs sometime. There’s a lot of events coming up in December, so I think we’ll have a chance at some point.

I really need to get a video camera.

After the expert competition runs were over, Haruyama went out.

I think this is possibly the coolest photo I’ve taken this year.


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