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THE LEGEND OF THE OSAKA ONEVIA: Atsushi Kuroi memorial gallery

By in 04-02-2010 1:56 am

I heard a rumour the day before yesterday from a friend who lives down in Kansai that drifting pioneer Atsushi Kuroi had somehow died. I didn’t want to say anything on here just in case it wasn’t true.

Unfortunately, the news was confirmed yesterday on Kuroi’s Mixi (Japanese Facebook) by his wife. He had died from massive injury after a scooter accident.

Rather than just post a single pic with a few standard words of condolence below it, I thought I’d go back through my archives and post up the best Kuroi photos I had as a tribute.





By in 24-01-2010 11:20 pm

I thought Australians were good at finding excuses to slack off and go drinking.

Late last year, I attended quite a few bounenkai or “year end parties”. The word literally means “forget the year meeting”, which with the aid of lots of alcohol, isn’t hard to do.

Not only that, less than a month later, everyone is having a shinnenkai or “new year party”, in which everyone gets together and talks about how good the coming year will be, and what they’re planning to do. Last night, I attended the Garage LFW shinnenkai, who have recently announced their D1 Street Legal campaign team, headed by last year’s third-ranked Seimi Tanaka.

Garage LFW’s boss, Satoshi Nakatani, said that I don’t put enough of his stuff on Noriyaro, so here’s a shot of his S14 at engine builders STF from the other day.