2010 OSAKA AUTO MESSE: Atsushi Kuroi memorial display

February 14, 2010 11:00 pm Published by

My Kansai-based friend Laurence was at the Osaka Auto Messe today, so he sent me some pics of the memorial display they had for Atsushi Kuroi.

Of course, his famous Onevia was the centerpiece.

Some kickass helmet paint there.

The stand was run by Kuroi’s street drift friends, Tinker.

Condolence books were there to sign, but they weren’t for his family, they were for Kuroi himself!

“Give a message to Atsushi Kuroi!!” it says.

People who signed it received one of these stickers.

Written on it is Kuroi’s motto: “It’s not something you can’t do, it’s just something you’re not doing.”

That’s my translation, anyway.

Behind the car were photo displays of Kuroi’s history. Over there on the left, next to his personal motto is a little rhyme which sort of translates as “To become the champion don’t be inclined, become the champion in people’s minds”.

Goofy snow drift crashes at Meihan. Love it.

See you again someday.


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  • dukeofny says:

    kuroi forever

    the raw power, speed, and smoke of his driving has been very inspiring to me

  • Ray says:

    Echh its so sad that he is gone 😐 I would really love to get one of these stickers.

  • Isidro says:


    why are there bananas next to the helmet? some special meaning/tradition?

  • Yuta Akaishi says:

    Hey Alexi, how’s it going?

    If you could possibly get me one of those stickers i would REALLY appreciate it. i will gladly pay for your troubles and shipping, etc. It would be an honor to have one on my S30 to pay respect to Kuroi-san.


  • Robin says:


  • BlueSlug says:

    it’s great to see the support being given by his close friends to his fan-base, i don’t think i’ve seen anything like this before!

    i’m at a bit of a loss though, as i’ve written before i wish i’d have known more about Kuroi, but is there a significance in the bananas on the roof of the onevia?

  • scott says:

    good to see a nice memorial for him, well deserved R.I.P

  • Akatski says:

    Wow! I ll remember his motto, its very inspiring. Thats really sad to have such a beginning of the year..
    However its great to see that he will have the proper farewell!
    RIP. /

  • Mangoes says:

    The Bananas I think are a sign of offering, its like a Buddhist tradition / thing to do I guess. Whenever my family prays, we put food in the front like rice, or fruit, etc.

  • D says:

    still bummed about this 🙁

    im guessing ttoyo tires/riverside is def going to retire this car in honor of kuroi huh?

  • kevin says:

    we’ll miss you, king of smoke..


    love his car, too bad i won’t be able to see him drift again..

  • Fury-S12 says:

    RIP once again i hope his car is retired to some sort of museum or something and not used

  • Rob_180sx says:


    Would be great to see his car in some sort of museum.

  • Ben Comana says:

    RIP, so sad.

    I would love one of those stickers to keep.

  • doctorsars says:

    RIP once again. 🙁

    what tail lights did he have? i’ve always wondered that because it didn’t look like the usual…

  • Hypnotize says:

    I too wish to have one of those stickers as well as a riverside sticker to represent the fallen d1 driver.


  • Mr Jangles says:

    So good to see such respect in the drifting comunity to a fallen hero . I would love to rock one of those stickers at Matsuri this year!

  • illvialuver says:

    He was one of the best, I believe his driving has influenced the majority of the people who are driving and competing, also the current driving style was his style, ass first. I feel honored to have been able to see him drive here in California, and if there is a chance to get these stickers could you let me know or email me? thanks.