GRAVE DODGING: More zombie AE86s

March 26, 2010 11:21 pm Published by

Remember Goto-san’s AE86? Here’s another couple of contenders for the title of “Most Busted AE86 Drift Car” that I saw at Okegawa earlier this week.

When you don’t have a glovebox, you don’t have anywhere to keep a service record, do you? So how do you prove to anyone who wants to buy the car (not too likely) that the car has been regularly serviced? Just write it on the door in marker pen.

The owner spotted me at this point and said “Oh no, please don’t take photos of my car!”

That’s my Puma high top you can see there through those gaping rust holes.

The fuel tank is still factory, but the owner cut a hole and flipped the filler neck around backwards to give it a bit of clearance for the inevitable love taps to the rear quarter.

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