BURNT BLACK: Anpanman’s bridgeported FD

March 16, 2010 11:26 pm Published by

Not only does Asayan from Looking know how to drift rather well, he’s pretty handy at paint and body styling too.

This black FD is one of his customer cars, owned by a guy with the nickname “Anpanman”.

If you’re wondering, Anpanman is an animation that is popular with little kids in Japan. That’s him in the passenger seat checking out Asayan’s driving technique.

A set of Nissan 350Z 35th Anniversary wheels with very stretched and low profile tyres suit the car pretty well. Using alternate factory wheels seems to work on FDs for some reason. Remember the one I posted up with 5-Series wheels on it?

The engine is a bridgeported 13B turbo with a seriously nasty idle. Of course, it sounds better when the throttle is mashed and it’s doing this, though.

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  • SoSideways says:

    Damn, that FD is sick.

    But for me, I think FDs look weird without some sort of wing on the rear… maybe I’ve gotten way too used to the way most FDs look nowadays, with huge GT wings and all.

  • Freddy! says:

    Siiiiick..this FD is awesome for Wallpaper Wdensday Alex!!

  • kmakzi says:

    beautiful, makes me want one

  • drift kid says:

    needs a wing as SoSideways said, looks pretty killa tho 😛

  • khev says:

    yep, me too, fd’s without rear wing looks weird to me

  • Tim says:

    i like this one Alexi, looks schweet.
    though i too think it might need a rear spoiler! Nothing crazy though, just needs something!

  • Rob_180sx says:

    Love it, one of my favourite cars in the world!

    I guess I’m so used to seeing “sex-spec” FDs in Aus, that I don’t even notice when it doesn’t have a wing anymore 🙁

  • Damn, that FD is too nice!

  • Terrence says:

    The FD is absolutely amazing. I love FDs with and without wings.

  • Josh says:

    4th pic should be a wallpaper!!!!!!!

  • Slappy says:

    Holy wow cow!

  • There are a few more FD3s getting out and about now that they have fallen into the drift price bracket.
    Should see some more “mongrel spec” FD3s getting out there soon.

    It’s nice from a first glance but it’s hardly great, it’s a bit of munster of body parts.

    The lines do not match at all really. But above average for a budget build thats obviously come from evolution rather than a one time build.

    I’m not a big fan of the front wide fenders without the rears to match. They really unballance the cars looks.
    Feed front fenders have somehow been matched to the Vertex sides and rear bar with curves and angles.

    The frontal pressence is great with Kazama front, BN sports bonnet and RE-A lights, and the sexy craft square mirrors should be on every FD3s.

    Wheels are good. I thought about these many times but the price of second hand and 370Z wheels are soo expensive.

  • Jt says:

    Clean Fd, my boy has one too. I’m getting a fc in the next few days!

  • Dapip says:

    nice use of the stock rims on this FD!!!

  • mikey* says:

    I think I remember seeing a RaceFactory video with him snatching up all the Anpan at a 7Eleven. He leaves making an enormous burnout with his S14. Is this the same guy?