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DRIFTSQUID IN D1GP: Arriving at Ebisu Circuit

By in 10-04-2012 1:55 pm

I often receive emails saying that I’m “living the dream” doing all this stuff over here in Japan, but here’s a guy who is really living the drifting dream. All this week, I’ll be covering Australian driver Jake “DriftSquid” Jones, who is at Ebisu Circuit at the moment getting ready to compete in the Odaiba round of D1GP this weekend in this Team Orange Impreza!

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IT’S COLD AND IT HURTS: Kan-Etsu PA itasha meeting

By in 04-04-2012 7:31 pm

While I was out at Nikko Circuit one day recently, I found Chinen-san there, the owner of this Kisaragi Gold★Star-themed R34 GT-t. I had heard about occasional itasha meetings at a parking area on the Kan-Etsu expressway near my house, so I asked if he knew anything about it.

As it turned out, there was a meeting on a Saturday night not long after that day. Since it wasn’t much of a drive, I thought I’d head out and see what turned up.



PINK KIDS HEART HUNDRED: A short ride-along with Tsuyoshi Tezuka

By in 01-04-2012 9:26 pm

Many of you would have seen this video of Tsuyoshi Tezuka’s old pink JZX81, but did you know he is still sliding a pink JZX? This Mark II is his current personal practice car.

I was out at  YZ Circuit yesterday for a Kids Heart event, and went along for an extremely wet and foggy ride. While this car is nowhere near as wild as his 81 was, it’s still pretty decent, with a GReddy TD06-25G on the stock VVTi 1JZ.