DOING A BURNOUT COUNTS AS DRIVING SLOWLY: Team Burst leaving the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown

April 19, 2012 12:09 am Published by

EDIT: I received an email from someone involved requesting the video be taken down due to some legal issues, so my apologies, it’s down for the moment.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • Richard says:

    “This video is private” 🙁

  • neuri says:


  • Azka says:

    Why you publish a video that is private? ><

  • BlueSlug says:


    i (and i’m sure all your other regulars) appreciate the attempt to share, all the same

  • J.Colliez says:

    Crazy people in insane monsters 😛

  • Mike says:

    These guys might be good at drifting but they are complete morons in real life. You probably don’t know due to everything being in Japanese but no matter who you are there are rules you need to follow. Yeah I understand a bit wild is cool at times but drifting in a parking lot full of people is not cool. Your a complete nerd if you do this. These guys are getting a shitload of heat due to this and other videos of them and their idiot leader Naoki being just as stupid as they are. I believe he is sponsored which makes him a pro so he has no excuses and I hope his sponsors realize this and he gets kicked out of racing.

  • Mike says:

    I forgot to mention, to Mr NoriYaro. Sorry for sounding like an asshole but this whole thing really bothers me so I just had to get it out of my head. If you are a true friend of this D-Max team and Naoki, then tell these guys that people make mistakes and some are granted second chances so don’t put that to waste. Be a good role model for the younger generation who are interested in being a good racer.

  • Weasel says:

    Mike is just mad that he and/or his car aren’t boss enough to captivate the attention of a good majority of the culture he’s a part of. I’m pretty sure that if someone were born Japanese, that they understand most, if not all of the social constructs that come with that society. I’m also pretty sure that people like Team Burst could not care any less about those constructs. Old time Japanese culture is for old people, business men and those trying to make a name for themselves. Naoki, for example, is a younger construction worker. All the construction workers I know are pretty rough guys who care none about “culture” or “tradition” or being popular.
    I don’t think you understand the whole ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude of drifting. Don’t get all sensational over something you don’t understand. Drifting is not racing. Sure, some professional racing drivers are drifters as well and vice-versa, but drifting isn’t about form and structured discipline. It’s about having the most fun you can with your car. Living the drifting lifestyle like these guys do takes dedication. It takes the kind of dedication that would make most people think that you’re insane. Because let’s face it, you’ve gotta be sorta crazy to drag your rear bumper along a guardrail that edges a giant cliff down a mountain. Or to drift through intersections in the dead of night. Or to ride the door of your buddy’s car down a mountain pass. Or to leave car shows in a plume of tire smoke after already having a very storied past involving being caught on the street and subsequently being banned from the prominent Pro-Drift circuit in Japan.
    I find it funny how people like Mike talk of all this awesome-sauce like it’s murder, but you can hear and see that the crowd is highly pleased by the show. Not to mention that almost every picture set or videos of Burst have shown them surrounded with people who are infatuated with them.
    Team Burst is what every drift team should aspire to be. Loud, colorful, obnoxious street drifters. There is no better entertainment.

    • Warren says:

      Weasel, you’re my hero!

    • Neuri says:

      Weasel you are right on the money

    • Rezz says:

      Weasel I totally agree with you and see where your coming from. I just think Mike is saying that what they are doing is a bit “too” dangerous. We all know they’re bomb drifters with tons of skill. No doubts there. It’s just some of the stunts they pool are a little bit too dangerous. Drifting and speeding in a parking lot with a ton of people are around is kind of irresponsible and reckless – one overcorrection or so and he could have plowed into a group of spectators or seriously injured the workers with the megaphones – even though I don’t think it’s smart to run up to a car like they did. Nakamura-san is a cool dude and he’s got a lot of influence, so I guess maybe Mike is saying he should be a good role-model for younger kids. I personally loved how crazy and “take no prisoners” like Team Burst is, all the power to them I am a fan – but I am mature and old enough to understand the difference and I know that I wouldn’t do that if I was a Team Burst member.

      I wouldn’t go as far as to call Team Burst d*heads either. The drift scene is so diverse, some people are hardcore street for life like, and others are hardcore track time all the time like. Just realize that we all love drifting for drifting, and never lose sight of that love for sliding!

  • lance says:

    In agreeance with Mike, these d’heads are totally disrespectful to the organisers of the show, I hope they are banned from it next year.

    Fair enough if you want to ‘‘don’t give a fuck’ and be obnoxious as long as you are the only one that suffers the consequence, unfortunately these guys paint all other car enthusiasts as d’heads.

    • Warren says:

      They’re not car enthusiasts, they’re drifters. And the only d’heads I see for the moment are you and the other whining cry baby above.

    • Weasel says:

      Oh, Lance, take it easy buddy…
      The organizers of these shows know what they are getting into. Did you notice there are no actual police officers conducting traffic? That’s because the organizers know people are going to do wild shit when they leave. Why bring the police along and with it, guaranteeing that no one shows up next year?
      As for your other thoughts; most drifters I know only care about cars that can drift. They are not true car enthusiasts who love all aspects of automobilia. There are some that do care about cars in general, but most only want to get sideways in whatever car is available to them. Some of them ONLY care about getting sideways. I know at least three guys who daily drive shitty FWD economy cars because they don’t want to fuss with more car drama on top of their drift car. No true car enthusiast WANTS to drive a Toyota Tercel or Geo Metro, or Suzuki Swift.
      I know drifters who will only drift one kind of car, lets say S-chassis Nissans for example, not because they LOVE the S-chassis, but because they have an entire garage full of parts for S-chassis cars to make them go sideways. When they crumple a car up, they pull the working parts, replace the broken ones and get a new shell to swap it over to. Saves time, money and gets them going sideways again faster.
      Stop talking about things you don’t know about. Every TRUE drifter I know has the urge to make a scene EVERYWHERE we go. Call us d*ckheads all you want to, we are still doing way more awesome shit than you are, whining at your computer.
      Sorry Alexi, I don’t mean to clutter up your comments with this kind of back and forth nonsense. I’ll go burn off a pair of rear tires in the name of all this chatty drama. And I’m going to do it in front of a school or church or elderly persons home, or somewhere else just as d*ckheadish.

      Oh and by the way, society already thinks anyone with a modified car is a d*ckhead. Drifters or not.

      • varilight says:

        People exactly like you are why society thinks we are dickheads. (Along with the sensationalist media but don’t get me started on that)

        It was pretty clear that they were being told to stop, it seems fair that they should be banned from next years event.

        Also all your talk of knowing what a “TRUE” drifter is in all honest fact the biggest crock of crap I’ve had to lay my eyes on in a while.

  • Sven says:

    Er yes, because going 5-10km/h is going to hurt somebody in the hands of a capable driver.

    Likewise sitting on the brake and doing a peel out for the fans.

    OH NOES, somebody think of the children!?

  • Mike Vondy says:

    Weasel. I take my hat out !
    I think Team Burst its more or less a Bosozoku drifters. That’s the cool thing about it. Everybody wants that… or else is really booring to just stay there and see all the preety cars just passing by…
    And just one thing to Mike… Nakamura is so stupid as you say that he can kick everybodys ass in Drift Muscle, Street Legal, and D1.
    Thank you NoriYaro for the very cool info and pics!
    Greetings from Portugal

  • dan says:

    Mike V is on the spot, they have a similar mentality as the bosozoku. In Japan you will hear the bikers revving the tits off their bikes just to piss people off. At times in groups of 100 strong, this the pretty much the car equivalent. There are people worldwide who disregard the written and unwritten rules. Look at getaway in Stockholm, they deliberately piss of the police and I’m sure that would increase police pressure to the greater automotive community.