NAGOYA EXCITING CAR SHOWDOWN 2012: Preview from set-up night

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Here’s a preview of some of the cars on display at the 2012 Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown, which starts tomorrow morning.

I was in there tonight setting up my car on the Missile stand, so I thought I’d run around quickly and get some pics before they kicked us out for the night.

Remember this orange Cresta from 396 Ishiai? This is what it looks like now!

He says it’s not finished yet.

The Messerschmitt S14 has been changed a bit.

There’s a few 86s on display, this one from Arita-san at Rasty. He said he’s quite keen to show everyone what he’s been working on for the car.

The N-Style stand features this 2JZ manual Crown.

Definitely going to have a closer look at this one.

Very nice, yesssssss.

Here’s N-Style Nagahama-san’s Soarer, formerly seen here in red.

Lightning Mc…hang on…

Ooo…I know what this is…

‘Sup Dorikin.

‘Sup Under.

“As much rubber as you can fit.”

“As big of a rear diffuser as you can fit.”

The Team Hips stand looks like it will be worth visiting again as well.

One for the 31 guys…I mean 30.

Dammit, as soon as I bought Kiwamis, everyone else did too.


This is why the word “ostentatious” was invented.

Yep, like it. Perhaps we’ve seen it before, towards the bottom of this page?

Ooo, shiny.

This works for me.

So does this. Panas on a Mazda. Even if they are fake.

y so srs?


More later, maybe!

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