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CHIBA DAMASHII 2012: A couple of videos

By in 03-11-2012 4:06 pm

Chiba Damashii, or “Chiba Soul” drift event was on last weekend at Mobara Twin.

It’s a yearly event open to drifters from Chiba, the prefecture to the east of Tokyo, and the home of numerous famous tuning shops teams. Most of the famous Chiba drift teams like Sexy Knights, Illusion, Magician, Funky and Rookies were there in force, and rather than being a display of technically good drifting, it’s more about making lots of Chiba-style smoke and open-wastegate noise.

Most of my pics of the event are going to Drift Tengoku, so until I figure out what I can post here, enjoy these videos in the meantime!


CRASH BOOM BANG: Gas explosions and Corolla rollovers

By in 06-10-2012 11:14 am

On a usual day, driving from my house to Fuji Speedway takes about an hour and a half. Today it took over five hours. The driver of a truck loaded with 35 big LP gas tanks that weigh over 50kg each somehow flipped his truck over and spilled them all over the road.

Through a bit of coincidence, Mr Lavender from last month’s posts was on his way to Fuji Speedway as well, managed to get some of it on tape! Check out the explosion just after two minutes in! One of the tanks actually flew over 100m over the wall, bounced off the roof of an elementary school and landed on the athletics field. Considering this is the weekend when many schools around Japan hold their annual athletics competition, it was lucky that this school wasn’t one of them!

Here’s a link to a Japanese video news report. Just click the little orange button on the video.

To add to the theme of destruction, here’s what happened to Mr Lavender’s track-version KE70 a little while ago at Ebisu.