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EARLY GRAVE: The remains of the Drift Tengoku JZX90 Chaser

By in 01-10-2010 4:06 pm

After I put some pics of the new Drift Tengoku JZX100 Chaser demo car in this post, a few people were probably wondering (mostly DiscoQuinn) what happened to the old JZX90, as it wasn’t as in bad of a condition as the previous A31 Cefiro demo car was when it was retired.




ITO AUTO SOUKOUKAI: Where I’d rather be

By in 11-01-2010 6:26 pm

I would have liked to drive at the Ito Auto event at Nikko Circuit today, but the closest I came to that was seeing it on the Nikko Circuit webcam. I’ll have to make the February event then. Look at all those Toyotas!

As for my car’s problem, as far as I can figure out, it seems that the third coil pack is dead. On a VVT-i 1JZ, that means that two plugs stop firing, so it sounds more like a ported rotary now than a 1J. New parts are on the way, as are some hotter platinum plugs, which I’ll probably use to drive the car around in low-speed traffic to prevent the carbon fouling problem I’ve been having recently. I’ll save the more expensive cold NGK iridium race plugs for the track.