SCREENSHOT HEAVEN: 40 Over’s on Drift Tengoku DVD

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It’s out! Remember the all-girl ikaten I went to a little while ago?

Here’s part one and part two of my coverage of the day in case you missed it.

I posted the preview of the latest Drift Tengoku DVD last week, and it came out today!

I’m not going to post the video itself, so here’s some screenshots.

The level of drifting was not that high, so Keiichi Tsuchiya didn’t come. Instead, “Mr DK” came along instead.

Hang on, who’s that in the background, eh?

I think the best presented team there were the Tokai Joshi. Here’s Michiko’s seifuku with “fairy” embroidered on the back.

Her husband was tied up in the trunk! To be honest, I’m wondering why there’s a water cooler bottle in there too. I might have to ask next time.

Even Tezuka was handcuffed to the fence.

“Can you take this off me please?”

The 40 Over’s team intro.  ンダコラ~!!

On the right, just in case you missed it again. I’m seriously thinking about getting a Regent hairstyle now.

Mr DK reads the team board.

“What the hell do you want?” asks Shino.

So, she’s actually a scary person?

Actually, she’s very nice!

Yumiko took up drifting a couple of years ago “to keep me young”. So how old is she?

Forty-nine! Everybody cheers.

This is her 180SX.

It had just had the turbo swapped the night before after the previous 2530 blew. Shino tells Mr DK about it.

“How do you know so much about it? Don’t you drive an 86?” he asks.

“We did it ourselves at Shino Kouba.” said Shino.

“What’s Shino Kouba?” he asks.

“Shino’s factory” says Shino.

“Stop pulling my leg.” says Mr DK.

Shino doesn’t take kindly to this…

…and beats up Mr DK.

Mana-P has to pull her off him.

“Calm down, calm down!”

Tomo-san’s solo run in her Okinawa-themed JZA70 Supra.

Shino’s solo run.

Big angle!

“You don’t need to look over here!” exclaims Mana-P.

Their first team battle was up against the Cheichigo Girls.

Taniguchi was doing start line interviews.

Of course, he seemed quite happy with the job.

“I’ll do my best!” says Sacchan.

“That was a gentle “I’ll do my best” there.” says Taniguchi.

The team run was very neat…

…and it drew a decent applause…

…especially from the 40 Over’s cheer squad. Are there any photos of me not wearing that Element hoodie?

“Meh, I’m kind of tired and I want to go home.” says Shino.

Anyway, for more, you’re going to have to actually watch the video!

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