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THIS AND THAT: The pits at Hot Version Nikko

By in 10-03-2011 3:39 am

Here’s a couple of photos from the Hot Version shoot I was at about two weeks ago. The mobile phone picture of Daigo Saito’s “Corveighty” that I put up on the Facebook page seemed to get a fairly strong reaction to say the least, so here’s a better photo I took with a camera.

I haven’t seen it run in the dry yet, but in the wet conditions of the day, let’s just say that the squarish new stance looked like it might take some getting used to.

これは斎藤太吾さんの左ハンドル240SX。シボレー コルベットV8エンジンが付いている!



TOUGE BATTLE: Hot Version DVD at Gunsai

By in 29-10-2009 12:06 am


I couldn’t help myself.

Yesterday was the video shoot for the latest Best Motoring Hot Version DVD, in which challengers who had managed to qualify on previous “Road to Gunsai” DVDs were brought together to see who is the current king of Gunsai touge. Just in case you were wondering, Gunsai is a portmanteau of Gunma Cycle Center. The track is a cycling circuit, believe it or not!

As I mentioned before, I’ve been working for Hot Version part-time on their shoots, so this time I kept a proper camera in my pocket to take a few pics for you guys to see.




By in 09-03-2009 12:30 am

When we were at Mizunami Circuit the other day, I noticed that NOB rolled in with a car that looked like his Vertex Ridge-kitted 180SX, but in black instead of red.

Turns out someone had rear-ended him, and the panelbeater had suggested repainting the whole car with something new, so NOB decided on “makkuro”, or “pitch black”.