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Yeah, I want one too.

The Nostalgic2Days show, put on by Nostalgic Hero magazine at the Pacifico Yokohama expo hall complex was a neck-snapping display of classic Japanese steel.

The two hero cars of the era are the S30 Fairlady and C10 Skyline, and Rocky Auto had a very nice selection of both.

Fat Panasports and black fenders are a good start.

The engine might look like an RB26, but the block is a 3.0L, shipped up from Australia where it was fitted as standard to Nissan Patrol 4WDs. Combine the six throttle bodies with Rocky Auto’s custom bellmouth adapters, and you have something that most fans wouldn’t mind giving a bit of boot.

Hang this in the Guggenheim.

For a bit more punch, you could fit an RB25 turbo instead.

Or just stick in an entire RB26.

If you have a Hakosuka, there’s the option to fit an RB25 as well.

Or you can fuel-inject the original L-series with GT-R throttle bodies.

Or keep it old-school with carbies. I’m not the only person who doesn’t miss vapour lock, right?

Rocky Auto also had their R33 Skyline rear end conversion displayed on this Kenmeri.

The front end also used updated coilovers with the original stub-axles.

Protec, whose workshop wasn’t too far from the exhibition centre, had a pair of very nice demo cars.

Many of the shops present had a lineup of in-house developed performance parts to suit all kinds of classic cars.

Would sir care to inspect this fine example of an automobile?

As fresh as the day she rolled off the line, sir. The Queen herself could eat off this engine, yes sir.

Nary a speck of rust or even dust in this one sir. Suit you sir, ooh!

With the exhange rate today, that’s a bit over $253,000 Australian dollars, $160,000 US dollars or £110,000 quid.

This guy from Towa Body was showing off his hammer and dolly skills.

Mooneyes display.

I never thought I’d see a Subaru Leone at a classic car show. That tartan interior…

Part II tomorrow.


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