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FASHIONABLY LATE: JCCA New Year Meeting 2010

By in 01-02-2010 10:57 pm

Once again, just like last year (part one here and part two here), I turned up right at the end of the day when everyone was leaving.

I suppose you want an excuse? Well, I had a very big Friday night which led into a very big Saturday night which finally ended at a club at 6:00AM on the Sunday morning of the show. The club is actually only about fifteen minutes by train from the Odaiba parking lot, but I didn’t have my equipment on me, and I also really needed some sleep and a change of clothes. If it’s any consolation, I had a great time, thanks.

Enjoy the pics I did actually take.





By in 02-02-2009 12:30 am

If you’re a fan of Option videos, you may have noticed that whenever they feature a bosozoku-style car, like in the Go Go Daijiro segments, there’s always this one guy named Daisuke who keeps showing up with one or two of the cars. After a relatively difficult time tracking down his workshop (I eventually found an ad of his in a slightly obscure magazine and called the number) I took a drive out to visit it.

This is the view from the long, narrow driveway leading up to his yard. The spraypainted characters on that busted old Nissan say “Daisuke Shouten”, which means “Daisuke’s Shop”. Obviously, if you’re meant to know where this place is, you’ll already know.



OLD TIN: Japan Classic Car Association’s New Year Meeting, Part I

By in 26-01-2009 12:30 am

I now have a large bruise in my arse from where I have been repeatedly kicking it for only giving myself ten minutes to cover one of the most awesome static car shows I have seen in Japan so far.

Why wasn’t I there on time to cover the Japan Classic Car Association’s annual New Year Meeting in the Odaiba parking area? As I mentioned yesterday, we had a rather important interview scheduled at the same time with a person of great interest to the worldwide Japanese modified car scene.

Of course, work generally has to come before pleasure, but when pleasure is only ten minutes down the road from where you’re working that day, you’re going to try your damnest to get there in time.