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CHIBA DAMASHII 2012: A couple of videos

By in 03-11-2012 4:06 pm

Chiba Damashii, or “Chiba Soul” drift event was on last weekend at Mobara Twin.

It’s a yearly event open to drifters from Chiba, the prefecture to the east of Tokyo, and the home of numerous famous tuning shops teams. Most of the famous Chiba drift teams like Sexy Knights, Illusion, Magician, Funky and Rookies were there in force, and rather than being a display of technically good drifting, it’s more about making lots of Chiba-style smoke and open-wastegate noise.

Most of my pics of the event are going to Drift Tengoku, so until I figure out what I can post here, enjoy these videos in the meantime!


THIS IS NOT A DEMO RUN: Kunny at Mobara

By in 16-09-2011 2:33 am

As those who follow the Facebook page may have noticed, I was out at Mobara Twin on Wednesday to watch an Ikaten event.

The demo driver for this event was Kuniaki “Kunny” Takahashi, who did the most un-demonstration-like demo-run I’ve ever seen. Rather than show an example of a good run, he basically put it in fourth and blazed the entire corner. You know when there’s so much tyresmoke that it sort of casts a yellow light on everything? It was that thick.

I didn’t really do actual coverage of this event, so if you’re interested at what goes on at an Ikaten, read part one and part two of this event I went to a while ago.



WEEKEND EDITION: Driving and not shooting

By in 07-11-2010 1:52 am

What happens when you concentrate on driving instead of shooting? You go a week without any decent pics on the site! The only one I have worth putting up is this one by Casey Dhnaram (shirtstuckedin) who is over here with a Nigel Petrie (Engineered to Slide) and a bunch of other Aussies for the upcoming Ebisu Circuit Autumn Drift Matsuri, among other things. That particular pic was from the past Wednesday’s MSC round at Mobara Circuit.

Monday was also spent at a practice day at a Team Pegasus event, which ended early for me when the turbo coolant inlet line split and started leaking. Unfortunately, the banjo bolt is practically impossible to take off without removing the manifold or the turbo. I spent the next afternoon replacing both the coolant lines, which had perished from the heat, as well as doing a few other bits of maintainence.

The highlight of the event was participating in the triple class with Shino and Riichan in team “Nishi Tokorozawa Racing”! None of us did particularly well as far as results went, but the event itself was a lot of fun.

This upcoming week’s schedule includes the D1SL final at Tsukuba Circuit, an Ito Auto trackday, and the G1GP and Drift Matsuri.

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I SURVIVED A JAPANESE GAME SHOW: Shino and Ken Satoh coming to US television

By in 03-04-2009 12:30 am

A couple of weeks ago, Shino had mentioned that she had been asked to come along to Mobara Circuit with her car, because an American film crew were coming, and wanted to film her drifting.

Turns out it was for the second season of I Survived a Japanese Game Show!

For anyone not familiar with the show (link to Youtube segments here) it’s an American reality show along the lines of The Apprentice or Survivor, based around competing in team-based, Japanese-TV-style challenges.

The team that wins each challenge gets to do something cultural and fun, like visiting the Tokyo fish markets. The losing team has to do something difficult, yet still cultural, like working as rickshaw drivers or labouring in a rice field.

This week’s winners won a ride in a drift car.