GARAGE WORK CIVIC & EVO: Time attack machines at Mobara Circuit

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Here’s a couple of cars I saw a while ago out at Mobara Twin that some people might find interesting.

This Evo VII is owned by Garage Work boss Takumi Iwata. Garage Work is situated in Chiba, about 45 minutes from Mobara.

Going by those canards and air-intake headlight replacement, it’s very obviously a dedicated time attack machine.

The entire dashboard has been replaced with a carbon-fibre shell, and the rear doors are both carbon-fibre, including what would normally be the window.

The coolest thing about the car was the custom intercooler setup.

Takumi said he made it by welding together the two cores that are part of the Trust Z32 Fairlady intercooler kit, and fabricated the end-tanks and piping.

In a matching white with black carbon bonnet scheme was Tomoko’s Civic. Tomoko is a customer of Garage Work.

The interior of the Civic was similarly stripped…

…with a full spot-weld and custom cage job.

You’d probably expect some sort of extreme engine work…

…but it was a standard late-model ZC 16-valve.

The Civic still went pretty hard though…

…and Tomoko wasn’t afraid to launch it over the Mobara kerbs.

Of course, the Evo was the quicker of the two, but Takumi pulled into the pits after a dozen or so laps with a bit of smoke coming out of the engine bay. Apparently, there were quite a few “experimental” tuning parts on the car he was there to sort out.

Quite a good-looking pair.

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