CHIBA SOUL: My Chiba Damashii 2013 helmetcam

May 2, 2013 12:28 pm Published by

I managed to get an entry to last weekend’s Chiba Damashii event even though it sold out in one day, so see how it looked from a driver’s point of view in this video.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • awesome commentary Alexi, can’t wait to see more videos like this! A buddy of mine made it out to that event as well by pure chance and seemed to have a really good time.

  • i could listen to your car alexi for hours on end, that sound is magnificent

  • Not many events have running commentary while they drift, very cool looking video Alexi!

  • WIDELOAD says:

    The Mark II sounds incredible Alexi! Done something new to it?

    Did you end up finding out what was up with that red flag after all?

  • Mitch Ilett says:

    Commentary is lol worthy Alexi. You sound too calm the whole time 😀

    Is there any chance the next time you do another of these helmet cam video’s you could have a second camera filming your foot work?
    Then have that as an inset off to the side of the main footage as well?

    As a beginner it’s super helpful watching your steering, the footwork would be awesome too.

    Look forward to seeing your next upload :thumbsup:

  • Dave Carter says:

    Sweet driving Alexi and the car’s sounding incredible!

  • Lol alexi gotta get sme external gate under your machine and i think another 50kw – 100kw rw then you will be baking tyres man hehe you still have the same old driving style from way back man