HACHIROKU DAMASHII: The Soul of Hachiroku

July 9, 2009 5:56 pm Published by

The characters read “ハチロク魂” or “hachiroku damashii”, which means “the soul of hachiroku”.

For anyone who is also a fan of Japanese videogames, it’s the same “damashii” as in the title of the game “Katamari Damacy”.


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  • kOOpA says:

    suddenly, i have the urge to push a giant ball around, collecting hachis as i roll over them.

  • SoSideways says:


    I immediately got the theme song of Katamari Damacy in my head right after I read that sentence lol

  • andylaurel says:

    I like Katamari Damashii.
    The soundtrack rocks my world.

  • Matt-AE86 says:

    its a 3 door. you can tell by the window seal and seeing the top of the rear shock through the window. hyakuten for me!

  • Isidro says:

    lol @ kOOpA

    Alexi, would you please email me some Japanese text? or post it somewhere where I can copy it and use it to design a logo and sticker for my friends and myself. I don’t know where to find Japanese text, and GoogleTranslate doesn’t help much with that.
    If you can, please email me at isidro_touge09@yahoo.com with these words/phrases translated in japanese:
    “Betta Storm” and “Driving with all your might” and “Driving at full force”
    ..or something similar to that. And yes, Betta, the fighting fish from Thailand & Cambodia.

  • Sweet… I have one of those. Don’t think I actually knew how to pronouce the kanji.

    And BTW… “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” aired the drifting episode with your friend and roomate (??) Shino last night. Pretty cool. Gotta say though that that my wife and I found that show watchable last season… but this year it’s pretty hard to get through. Thanks for the heads up on that episode though… I think I’m done watching now.

  • Alexi says:

    @kOOpA, SoSideways & andylaurel
    I was playing the “Katamari on the Rocks” theme when I was writing this post.

    Give me an email next week when I’m back in Japan to remind me.

    @sabiroku dewa nai
    Yeah, I’ve had a couple of emails about that. I’ve been searching Youtube, but nobody seems to have uploaded an un-watermarked version of it yet.