NORIYARO STICKERS GET: As long as you’re at Eastern Creek Raceway

August 4, 2011 11:56 pm Published by

I was out at Eastern Creek Raceway today to see the preliminary practice day for the World Time Attack Challenge, and it’s looking to be be an incredibly enjoyable event for all the spectators who come along to watch. I’ve never seen such a large amount of dry carbon fibre in one place before. I’d also say it’s worth coming just to hear Mad Mike’s 26B-powered RX-7  with your own ears.

I’ll also be out there for the next two days working yet again with Hoon Media’s Mark Boxer on the official Yokohama Advan videos, so if you do happen to come along and spot me in the pits somewhere, pull me up and mention the website to score yourself two free Noriyaro vinyl stickers. I only have as many as I can fit in my pocket, so don’t be afraid to ask early in case you miss out!

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  • Dave says:

    oh damnit, sadly i’m not an aussie, well are they going to be on sale or something? ;D

  • drift kid says:

    ohh gayyyy, i cant beleive i didnt approch you at twilight, feel stupid lol, you looked busy so i didnt think youd wana talk, and i cant make it to EC tomorrow cause ive gota finish getting my car ready for rego :/

  • Timbo says:

    you best have large cargo pants then aye!!!!

    See you tomorrow mang!

  • Steve says:

    Could you send me a set of stickers? Big fan of your site but don’t live anywhere near the event’s you attend bummer I know =/

  • Mspec says:

    Damnit I missed them 🙁 I saw them on a bunch of cars though lol

  • Tay.C says:

    Thanks for the stickers!

  • Liam says:

    Was good to be able to say hello, Oh and bring more stickers next time 😛

    Hope all went well with the filming.

  • Clint says:

    i waaaaant stickers :p

  • Raphael says:

    Hey ! i am a big fan of your page ! i was wondering how can i get a set of your sticker to put on my lexus sc400 (toyota soarer ) i am from quebec , Canada !