INSIDE ORANGE: Behind the scenes at Odaiba

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Since it’s Friday, I’m guessing some of you were looking forward to another Noriyaro Raw video. Unfortunately, I’ve completely run out of new footage to use!  So, the question I have is, did you enjoy the videos more than the usual photos? More videos? More of everything? More of something in particular? Send me an email to the address there on the right or leave a comment if there’s something you’d like to say.

In the meantime, here’s few behind-the-scenes pics from when I was covering the campaign of international drivers at the Odaiba round of D1 Grand Prix, which you can read about here on the Yokohama Australia website.

Checking the qualifying results.

Suzuki running out to the staging grid with a bootlid that someone forgot to put back on.

Orange had the biggest pit area at Odaiba. Not only did it include their cars, but also the cars for their international drivers and the cars for the ninja drift demo show.

Going over the course briefing.

“Sleepy” Furuse explaining to “El Sceriffo” what he did wrong.

As you’d imagine, they had piles of these on hand.

Checking the tune on the Laurel.

With such a large team, there were mixed results.

Team mechanic Asanuma on the left with Namatame on the right from NTS, a race fabrication company that has made a lot of parts for the Team Orange cars.

Numa was pissed off about something or other.

Even the pit bicycles are orange.

Refilling the Laurel’s water spray was done with with some highly specialised equipment.

I don’t know what’s going on in this picture.

Again, no idea.

It was fun.

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  • DriftSquid says:

    Yes it was fun!!!

  • scopie says:

    more of everything! pictures and the way you cover things is great

  • scopie says:

    oh and any pictures of the team orange evos? 🙂

  • Boost says:

    A picture says more than thousand words,a video even more.

    The Noriyaro Raw video’s you made are awsome.
    The best drifting video’s if seen, no nonsense to make it look cooler or whatever.
    Just the pure drifting and the feeling of the Japanese culture. (and a Bruce Lee Robocop guy)
    Not that i dont like the pictures, but you cant hear that awsome RB or JZ screaming, and you get less feeling of the atmosphere.

    Sorry for my crappy English, but i just want to let you know im looking forward for the next Noriyaro Raw video.

  • Sean says:

    More of everything would be pretty awesome, but If I had to choose one, I’d say the videos.
    You get to actually hear the cars, see them moving, see the driving styles, and see generally what goes on.
    If you could continue making them I would be extremely happy. I’ve already watched each of the videos like, 10 times over, and I will probably watch them all a whole bunch more.

  • Bolluhhhh says:

    Loved the raw videos
    We want more..!!!!
    Greetz and Smokes from Holland.

  • Garcia says:

    I agree with Sean and Boost. The videos are super sick and no gimmicks no frills just talented drifters having fun and it really showcases the drifting culture there. They do a damn good job of keeping drifting fun and super silly. If you could somehow get a few more in-car runs to where we can see their driving technique that would be even better. As a beginner I love watching from inside to see different driving styles and such so I can go out an experiment myself.

  • sparky says:

    i love the raw footage i wanna see more!..please. =3

  • Devon says:

    More of everything! 🙂 I really love your coverage of events whether its just a few photos or a video. Maybe once a month you could do a video recap of the events you attended over the past month.

  • patri says:

    simply a labor of passion…from chile

  • Stan says:

    I loved all of your raw videos. Unlike other vids with music and crap…
    Best footage by far.. This site and shirtstuckedin are the best by far.
    Thank you for the footage


  • Simon says:

    More of everything as mentionned, may-be more nice car-build features of local drifters? I really enjoyed Raw videos!

  • Warren says:

    These videos were great! They are exactly the kind of drift videos I like.
    Otherwise your writeups are pretty good too so I’d say it’d be cool to have both, with maybe a bit more write ups and pictures than videos (they take longer to make anyway so it’ll probably end up like that). A bit more “drift trivia” would be cool too.

  • roman says:

    Loved the videos ! Keep em coming!

  • mitch says:

    The raw videos have been my favorite by far. Gives you the sense of being there in person. It’s fun seeing little out takes that wouldn’t normally make the cut into an edited web video. Keep filming, and keep the videos coming!

  • James says:

    More videos! They are super sick ^^

  • Phil says:

    More raw videos please =)

  • watson says:

    The smaller club event coverage and random street drift do it for me. It shows the real, passionate, obtainable side of why we build/drive/love cars. sure d1 and big dollar builds are cool, so are edits with mad base lines and panning shots through trees. I just don’t think they’re nori yaro’s style. Don’t change a thing.

  • umeed says:

    some more picture & video

  • Billy Sutton says:

    More videos!

    Pictures are badass too though!