TAMING THE BEAST: Tuning the Team Orange Laurel

April 14, 2011 1:32 am Published by

Kumakubo was out again today on Higashi Course at Ebisu Circuit. He was doing some more testing to the engine settings of the nitrous-assisted RB26 in the new Team Orange Laurel.

Just because the sound of it is fantastic, here’s a video that I shot today!

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  • Dan mK says:

    Top motor, looking and sounding awesome. My 10 year old and I were watching on the webcams this morning. I told him who Nobishige Kumakubo is, all about Ebisu, the new car and shakedown runs.
    Apparentley there wasn’t enough smoke…. Kids, eh ?

  • kOOpA says:

    holy cow, looked like he could jump off the top of that hill XD sounds awwwwwesome!

  • nissmo says:

    Nice sound i’m think, and this blow off – fantastic

  • Komeko says:

    What is the liquid that appears to be pouring out of the right rear fender as the car goes around the left hand turn?

  • Rodders says:

    More slide needed
    Cant wait for updates

  • 800ps says:

    is that rear diffuser a re-amemiya?

  • Steve says:

    How awesome must it be to build a car and have your own track to test it on!

  • RedStarr says:

    Sounds like the turbo’s surging?? Awesome car

  • Nismoe says:

    can’t say I’m a huge fan of the blow off sound but with an engine note like that who cares!

  • GrandFX says:

    Don’t know for sure but the whistle sound is the waste gate, but I love the sound.

  • Dirtytwo says:

    Damn this thing sounds so horn.. makes me want to take my new twins straight off my 26 and throw a single on!

    The ‘blow off’ sound is not a valve, it’s just the result of having no bov & the air coming back through the compressor blades.