TOO CLOSE FOR MISSILES: Tandem drift with Daigo Saito

April 8, 2013 10:34 am Published by

Seeing as I’m putting up a lot of videos recently, I thought I’d dig this old GoPro2 footage out and edit it up.

This was in about mid-2011 at a Wind’s Auto weekday event. It wasn’t a very busy day, so Daigo decided to get his jollies by tandeming (is that a word?) myself and Andy from Powervehicles at every opportunity.

For some outside footage, check this video shot by Powervehicles. As you can see from the horribly taped up rear quarter, this was shortly after I had that crash at Maze Circuit.

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  • ad says:

    Bad synchro? Nice, satisfying crunch!

    I love when you realize it’s Daigo and it becomes a Boss Battle! That’d certainly have me on edge, haha.

    I’ve been super curious about your transition from vehicle to vehicle. It’d be awesome if you did a vehicle history on yourself and how you came to own each car.

  • garlo says:

    grate video Alexi

  • huon says:

    yeh alexi great drifting man