HACHIROKU DAY 2010: Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou at Fuji Speedway, Part I

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It seems a lot of you remember when I posted this preview a while ago of the “Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou” event on the 6th of August last year. Well, the best photos ended up being published in Drift Tengoku, and I ended up completely forgetting about the rest!

The “Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou” name of the event literally translated means “8.6° Severe Illness”, but the meaning is more along the lines of “I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is some more AE86!”

So for today, let’s look at the pits. Tomorrow, action from the track. The day after, Hachiroku weirdness and cool stuff.


The lightweight competition. Each car was measured with a set of wheel scales, first the front, then the back.

The weight on the left is the front, the middle is the rear, and the right is the total weight. The lightest car on the day was 760kg, as listed there. Empty tank and bald tyres, perhaps? The heaviest was 990kg.

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