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In part two, we finally get to the Fuji Speedway, sign up, and get to drift for about a lap before a crash! Not mine though.

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  • Jarrad says:

    It’s great to get a look at what goes on behind the scenes rather than just the drifting. (which is, of course, always a good bit anyway)


  • JMango says:

    Ahhhh I love it!! almost finished with my 240sx 1jz swap, I’m a sucker for that 1j sound. Music to my ears! Love the coverage, keep it comin’!!

  • Twisty says:

    Always bringing us the best in overseas coverage!

  • Sciclone says:

    Not your crash…. That happened at Maze if Dino’s pictures are anything to go by.

  • Devon says:

    Awesome coverage. Those Supras are so sweet would love to see a feature on them in the future. Also, like your helmet, whats that stuff called on your visor? I need some for my windshield 🙂

  • Mad Scientist says:

    You keep making a wrong turn going to the track. If you turn the opposite direction from the main gate into Fuji, and pull up in front of the building with three metal roll up doors, and the big sign that says KRS, you will find 40 years of Japanese auto racing history.

  • Donnie says:

    great vid looks like a good time.

  • Hachirev says:

    Is the 1J meeting this year already sold out? (2011)
    Wanted to go last year but didn’t know where to buy the tickets and whatnot

  • Jash says:

    Look at you with a nice sensible haircut Alexi…good video…

  • Alex U says:

    How did that hot cake drink taste, and alexi you are deffinately one of my idols!!!!!!

  • Hundredpercent says:

    could you pleas upload the video in vimeo ? becaus this video is not available in my country on youtube -_-

    would be nice thankyou

  • Nismoe says:

    I had that hotcakes drink when I went to Tsukuba circuit, no joke tasted like pancakes. Drinking pancakes. Ridiculously delicious.
    Is there gonna be a dvd released of this meet or anything? If there was I’d definitely buy it, or a movie length youtube one or something. These are all teasers!