THEY SEE ME ROLLIN’: Noriyaro vs Highway Patrol

March 7, 2011 12:01 am Published by

Whoops. Unlike these guys though, I stopped.

I didn’t know that unmarked highway patrol units actually have patrol lights that pop out of a little hatch on the roof, just like in Seibu Keisatsu! One of the officers was actually quite keen on Holdens and watched Top Gear too, but he said it was annoying that they’ve only subtitled it up to season 5 on TV here.

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  • LozZz says:

    where was this?
    and what did you get done for?

    I’m only driving a kei car at the moment but I usually disregard the speed limits on the kousoku, I haven’t regretted it yet lol.

  • orion says:

    A bit of speeding or just a “shaken” papers and driver license control?

  • kyle says:

    haha man Alexi, now i have the stupid song by chamillionaire stuck in my head.

  • Brandon says:

    Hey man, did they give you a ticket? shoulda told them to go to final gear and download the latest ones!

  • James says:

    West Tokorozawa Racing!!! I need one of those stickers!!, swap you for a night reign one lol?

  • JC says:

    That’s what happens when you roll with a JZX100 haha, what happened anyway?

  • Rob says:

    Looks like automotive profiling to me! Discrimination!
    You should’ve offered to watch later episodes of Top Gear with them with you as translator 🙂

  • Omar says:

    Alexi I have one question for you, how many pressure you use in your tires when you drift?

  • Omar says:

    Alexi I have a question for you, how many pressure you use in your tires when you drift?