FLEX YOUR DRIFT MUSCLE: Dorikin’s new series has a schedule, and it’s on this year!

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It turns out that Dorikin and GoGo Daijiro’s new breakaway drifting series will be held in 2011, with the first round just over two months away! Perhaps my Japanese isn’t as good as I pretend it is? Thanks to site reader Sergiogon from Portugal for pointing out that Dorikin has released some new limited information on his website. The name of the new drift series is:


Well, that part I did actually know, but I thought I’d hold off just in case they wanted to change the name.

Here’s the current logo.

Drift Muscle? Anyway, the two main classes are going to be “Muscle” for middle and “Super Muscle” for expert.

Probably of a bit more interest is the schedule!

Round 1: 8th May, Nihonkai Maze Circuit
Round 2: 6th June, Bihoku Highland CIrcuit
Round 3: 17th July, Nikko Circuit
Round 4: 10th October, Suzuka Twin Circuit
Round 5: 3rd November, Sportsland Sugo West Course

West Course at Sugo is the “extreme dirt drop” kart course that they used to use in the earlier seasons of D1. The first corner has been widened a bit since then though.

Dorikin wrote on his K1 Planning site that information about regulations and entry will be up on the website in “one or two days”, and finished by saying “It’s begun for the sake of all lovers of drifting”.

Also, Daijiro is here to remind you that even if you survive crashing and rolling the Stream-Z in the desert at over 240km/h, drinking too much and trying to walk down narrow-ass Japanese stairs can be just as dangerous!

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  • Ben Comana says:

    Awesome. Thanks for being the best when it comes to this stuff Alexi!

  • Grupert Awesome says:

    Yes, they may indeed bring back early 2000s style drifting with those tighter tracks that dont need much power!

  • kwong chi shing says:

    That ‘s a good new..

  • Mr Jangles says:

    Nice to see quick progress on this, can’t wait to see semi-normal cars rocking out at cool tight tracks again ala-D12004

  • Irv says:

    Nice, we were talking about this last night. Definitely checking this out.

  • Big news huh, maybe we will do the maze round as its just before the D1 SL Round….
    Shame about the name, drift muscle?!?!?!

  • DiscoQuinn says:

    I miss Sugo Karting Course. Bring it back!

  • Russell says:

    So you going to enter then

    If I entered
    I’d be Russell the drift muscle

    Actually you were hoping they’d change the name right

    It’s all good news

  • I says:

    So, any chance they’ll ask you to cover there events for a DVD series? I’m sure there is enough business potential for at least a feeler dvd within the team drift stuff as it was always far more entertaining than the pro stuff from Option video. Maybe you could propose hosting it on this site for a nominal fee and reach a broader Worldwide viewership and collect the profits as an incentive to the heads at Muscle Drift? (What a name, it evokes images of a series littered with Holdens and Fords everywhere like in V8 supercars.)

    I’ll say I’m genuinely surprised it was these two who ended up forming the faction and creating their own series. Either way competition is always a good thing, so good on them.

  • Keisuke86 says:

    Awesome to see that they are going back to more tight, technical tracks not just high speed like D1.
    Thanks for the information Alexi, this will be one drift series to keep an eye on! Im sure Sugo will show some insane battling!

  • Isidro says:

    I’m glad that they’re using “old” tracks in their effort to bring back the early years of professional drifting.

  • kOOpA says:

    suchhhhh an awesome course line up! all it’s missing is sekiahills!

    can’t waaaaait to see footage from this ^^

  • Rob says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait to see footage of the first round 🙂

  • dangina says:

    YEEEESSS!!! Not so sure about that name…

  • Tre' says:

    Good courses: It’s great to see another event of drifting in the works, hoping to find a way to view the first round within the same week…if anyone is going please stream video!

  • Tricky says:

    I’m totally excited about this one! I hope they release DVD’s via Hot Version.

  • The Nitz says:

    So happy that the sport is returning to technical tracks like sugo kart course and bihoku highlands…….bringin it back to the glory days of the iketans

  • Karl says:

    Back to Bihoku.. bad boy.. Yeah Sekia Hills too would be great.
    Name is awesome Andy, totally berserk. Good luck with Maze.
    Mega high speed is great fun, but these small tracks are going to be entertaining.