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FLEX YOUR DRIFT MUSCLE: Dorikin’s new series has a schedule, and it’s on this year!

By in 05-03-2011 4:15 am

It turns out that Dorikin and GoGo Daijiro’s new breakaway drifting series will be held in 2011, with the first round just over two months away! Perhaps my Japanese isn’t as good as I pretend it is? Thanks to site reader Sergiogon from Portugal for pointing out that Dorikin has released some new limited information on his website. The name of the new drift series is:


Well, that part I did actually know, but I thought I’d hold off just in case they wanted to change the name.

Here’s the current logo.

Drift Muscle? Anyway, the two main classes are going to be “Muscle” for middle and “Super Muscle” for expert.

Probably of a bit more interest is the schedule!

Round 1: 8th May, Nihonkai Maze Circuit
Round 2: 6th June, Bihoku Highland CIrcuit
Round 3: 17th July, Nikko Circuit
Round 4: 10th October, Suzuka Twin Circuit
Round 5: 3rd November, Sportsland Sugo West Course

West Course at Sugo is the “extreme dirt drop” kart course that they used to use in the earlier seasons of D1. The first corner has been widened a bit since then though.

Dorikin wrote on his K1 Planning site that information about regulations and entry will be up on the website in “one or two days”, and finished by saying “It’s begun for the sake of all lovers of drifting”.

Also, Daijiro is here to remind you that even if you survive crashing and rolling the Stream-Z in the desert at over 240km/h, drinking too much and trying to walk down narrow-ass Japanese stairs can be just as dangerous!


NISSAN WEEK AND THE NEW D1GP: Some new info about Tsuchiya and Dai’s drift series

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So, today is Skyline day (R32), yesterday was Cefiro day (A31) and Friday is Laurel day (C34), so do something nice for your car this week if you drive a Nissan. It’s also Mini day and Sunny day, as “3 2” can be pronounced “mi ni” or “san ni”. Unfortunately for me, there’s no zeroth of October, so I’ll just have to wait and see what date S.T. Garage set for the 1JZ Meeting this year.

Putting that aside for now, I heard some interesting things yesterday…