AUTOMATIC-CENTRIC: 2010 2PD Meeting, Part II

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Back to the Toyota meeting then.

I mean, 2PD meeting.

OK, just kidding. There were some Nissans there, of course.

There have been a lot more Stageas drifting recently, which makes sense, sort of. They’re something a bit different, getting cheaper, and use Skyline parts.

Here’s one use for the TEMS system when it’s at full height. Get your gas brake dip on.

Check it out. Food-truck, Japanese style! It has benches and stools on the inside, just like a little inner-city ramen restaurant.

OK, this Chaser looks nice from the outside, but hides a little secret…

The owner rides a wheelchair! You can see the combined hand-controls for the accelerator and brake there in the middle.

Here’s everyone lined up for the day’s group shot.

The 180SX on the left belongs to Goto-san who brought it along simply because it was the only automatic car he had.

“It drifts awesome in the wet though!” he said.

The red R32 you may have seen before. It belongs to Ryuusuke Kawasaki, the editor of Drift Tengoku magazine. It recently had a conversion done where they removed the power steering pump and replaced it with an electric one from a Toyota MR2. Of course, a conversion this silly could only be done by someone like Takuro-san from Caroline Racing.

It looks like this has been sitting out in the weeds for a while.

“Geez, this car has become a piece of junk recently!” said Kawasaki-san.

Nice wheels and stance though.

If any of you remember the old pink Drift Tengoku JZX90 Chaser demo car, meet its replacement.

This JZX100 Cresta Super Lucent kouki is the new Doriten beater!

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s already been fitted with the old nitroused engine.

Kouki tails, of course.

The buttons on the dash are for the nitrous system and the gear-hold system, which prevents kickdown when you step on the gas.

“It’s stupidly easy to drift.” said Goto-san.

I think that may have more to do with his skills than the car, to be honest.

What’s that there in the background?

It’s Sacchan’s Chaser!

“Event only” sticker reads “Enjoy Automatic Drift!”


Last time I took some pics of her car, I forgot the best part…

Heart-shaped LED brakelights!

“I love braking drift” perhaps?

If someone were to brake-check you in a competition, can you give them a “love-tap”?

OK, enough of that. Let’s look at a real man’s automatic drifter.

MISSILE Miyamoto-san’s JZX90 Cresta.

He ordered the “69” plates on purpose.

The complete BRIDE interior looks pretty good.

Rear seat and real parcel-shelf too.

If you’re keen to see more 2PD, you can read last year’s report by clicking here.

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  • Isidro says:

    simply awesome

  • NICK says:

    HAHA “Pink’n’filthy.”
    Just the way a girls stuff should be!
    loving it Alexi.. keep it up!!

  • James says:


    Pink and filthy-the only way.

  • skurai says:

    cool :D, is there more?!

  • DiscoQuinn says:

    Thanks for the pics of the new Doriten ride! I miss the old one though. 🙁

  • spirit ドリフト says:

    automa? yeah i saw that conversion in the latest doriten mag! ill miss that pink doriten demo car!!!

  • chambers9218 says:

    love the custom bride threads in the rear

  • Mitch.C says:

    Love the post..

    and I have to say…its absolutely heart warming to hear of the first disabled drifter. Really well in to that guy, piles of respect. I have a disabled cousin whos well into drifting and his face will light up when he sees this..

    Thankyou Alexi… not heading to any JDM events in the Uk by any chance? If so, the beers are on me.

  • Jappie says:

    That wheelchair-chaser looks sweet. Don’t you have some pictures of it in action??

  • keegs says:

    agrees with jappie, wheel chair chaser is awsome, same with the red 32.

  • Mitch AU says:

    ^^ there is a guy who is wheelchair bound driving a red Chaser (might be a MarkII?) in the D1 Street Legal class. The car was featured in HPi a few months ago.

    The guy can drive too!

  • Lene says:

    Hey! Where did you buy the Heart-shaped LED brake lights? That was awesome!!:)