EAT YOUR SPINACH: Goto-san’s latest Levin.

June 21, 2010 4:02 pm Published by

Remember this car? It’s back.

Sort of.

It has the same engine, at least.

Goto-san’s new AE86 is much cleaner than his last one, but that doesn’t mean he’s made this one look pretty.

No cut knuckles, turbos, flashy paint jobs and bodykits or any of that nonsense.

Goto-san just likes to drive.

I was going to do a proper shoot of it, but had to leave this event early. Next time then.

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  • Grant Scott says:

    Love both of goto-san’s 86’s

    Just so plain styled but so aggressive, not to mention he knows how to drive.
    And he runs Hayashi’s so he’s a winner in my books

    – Grant

  • Freddy! says:

    Love the last pic..Desktop??!!

  • pholife says:

    more pics please! awesome

  • Daniel says:

    such sweet photos for a ‘non-shoot’ man! also that car is soo awesome! never knew a plain old slat grille levin could look so awesome! so many of them in australia look kinda boring, all this has is a crazy coloured [cheap] paint job, a bit of a front bar/lip and some dished wheels and it looks off the chain! and probably drives off the chain too!

  • Nama says:

    Looks so Rude!
    Go go Hachiroku Rangers!

  • Mike says:

    The true character of this car will show when he starts smashing it up! I like the simple look for now! Goto-San is True 86er for sure!

  • Simas says:

    Really great looking 😀

  • Benny says:

    So good! Cant believe i missed seeing him drive at ebisu 🙁 last pic desktop please! 🙂

  • GenJi says:

    hold on.. so, did he actually re-built the whole car, or did he just put the engine into another chassis ?

  • 86ers says:

    Less silly mods = less things braking down = more driving = more fun.

    Mr. Goto knows whats up.

  • Zeshin says:

    Really like this Levin and your blog even more.
    However, contrary to your description, it does have a kit on it.
    What looks to me like Origin front wide fenders and Origin rear fender flares, along with a zenki OEM lip.
    It looks clean and almost stock, but it isn’t. Just wanted to clarify.

  • Fury-S12 says:

    i think he ment it doesnt have a “flashy” kit as it its doesnt ave some crazy big veilside kit on it as opposed to none at all

  • LordHachi says:

    This is JDM

  • Wolf says:

    Agreed, last pic for wallpapers please Alexi??

  • Steffen Kristensen says:

    What makes this ride so awesome, is the fact it’s all business!