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The latest Drift Tengoku magazine came out about an hour ago. “Why is Alexi posting this up?”, you may be asking. Well…

右へ見えたら、ちょっと日本語があります。その上には、「探すの箱」です。ろまじでなんかタイプして。たといえば「mazda」や「fuji speedway」や「ae86」。
ちゃんと「この記事を読む 」をクリックしてね!

Here’s why.

How awesome is this? A couple of weeks ago, Drift Tengoku’s editor Kawasaki-san sent me an email asking if I could write up a bit about myself for their “Blackmark” section. Blackmark gives people in the drift community a chance to introduce themselves to the readers, and it’s usually a bit of a mix between the famous and relatively unknown. To put that in perspective, the other Blackmark column this month was written by Abe “Abechan” Naruhito, Blitz’s golden-boy mechanic.

Kawasaki-san asked that I write the main title in English. I tried to make it simple to understand for the local readers, but it’s also the truth!

The words basically read the story of how I became interested in drifting and started back in Australia with my old Sydney drift club Initial Drift, then how I started coming to Japan every year and eventually moved here about a year and a half ago, and what I’ve been up to since then. It probably would have taken a long time to write the column totally by myself in Japanese, so thanks to Shino for helping make it sound more natural!

Unfortunately, the best photo I had of me and the JZX100 was back when I had that silly long bleached haircut. I have short black hair now! Oh well, it looks more JDM, I guess.

I even managed to get in a little mention for Noriyaro.

Pretty happy with this! If you want to read Drift Tengoku and can’t obtain one where you live, the cheapest way to get it is by getting a subscription from J-List through this link. If you decide to get one, make sure you do it through that link to help support Noriyaro!


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