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If you’re a fan of Option videos, you may have noticed that whenever they feature a bosozoku-style car, like in the Go Go Daijiro segments, there’s always this one guy named Daisuke who keeps showing up with one or two of the cars. After a relatively difficult time tracking down his workshop (I eventually found an ad of his in a slightly obscure magazine and called the number) I took a drive out to visit it.

This is the view from the long, narrow driveway leading up to his yard. The spraypainted characters on that busted old Nissan say “Daisuke Shouten”, which means “Daisuke’s Shop”. Obviously, if you’re meant to know where this place is, you’ll already know.

This Y30 Gloria belongs to one of Daisuke’s employees, Masa. The kanji characters on the chin spoiler says “Sendai”, which is Masa’s home town. If you’re wondering what the thing on the left it, it’s a thing for holding those bug-repellent incense things. Believe it or not, this car does actually get driven to the occasional carpark meeting. Just hope that nobody steps out in front of him. The extended front bonnet is metal sheet welded to the original bonnet, held in place by a frame of thin round bar.

This Cresta Super Lucent is what VIP-style used to look like.

Toyota Corona Hakosuka lookalike.

It could be convincing…from a long way away…at night. It still looks cool for a Corona though.

Massively over-fendered Nissan Cedric 330. This would make a nice daily driver, but perhaps not on a rainy day, considering it’s on race slicks.

Sharknose Hakosuka literally dumped in the weeds.

It’s not a real GT-R though, so don’t worry.

Once again, the humble Corona shows how good it can look with a simple lowering job and set of Mark IIs.

In case you’re wondering about the title of this article, it’s what’s written in Japanese on that little red sticker on the boot lid, and is Daisuke’s trademark phrase.

UPDATE: Actually, I had another look at it recently, and it’s the original  “safe driving” sticker that Daisuke’s joke sticker is based on, which says “Let’s drive slowly, Saitama-ken”.

Alongside the modified cars in Daisuke’s yard are plenty of fresh base cars like this Mark II. All you have to do is turn up to his yard with a handful of cash, and he’ll turn anything you like into whatever you like.

Sinister-looking Gloria with Suzuki Escudo steel wheels.

I bet most JDM fans would take this Cresta just the way it is.

Drag wagons are a popular subculture here in Japan, with the Nissan Cedric being one of the more popular choices.

This Fairlady is one of Daisuke’s personal cars (that’s him in the photo). A C210 “Japan” Skyline tail light conversion and S13 Silvia headlight conversion make it kind of confusing for the police when they pull him over. “They think it’s a Corvette” he said.

I suppose the Chev bowtie adds to the illusion.

Part II coming tomorrow.

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  • banpei says:

    You did an amazing interview again! 🙂
    I wonder how you can track down all those people! 😉
    I’m curious what his plans are for the XM behind that Cresta Super Lucent!

    I just started a Bosozoku style blog with a friend of mine. Is it okay if we repost some of the pictures on our blog?

    Can’t wait to read part II tomorrow!

  • Kevin says:


  • garage_86 says:

    oh yes I love old Option vids wayy back !! more flavor to it than just D1! I remember this episode when Dai goes to his shop and interviews him and shows all the cars ! I remember vividly a gx w/ a 1jz and i couldnt believe it that he slpet in his garage next to all the old memorabilia and parts..and the other episodes with the glittered black and yellow 2 tone Celica Lb and the sky blue Skyline!! As always great articles ! thanks for keeping it car related

  • Alexi says:

    What, you mean “thanks for not blogging about food and shoes on your car blog”? 🙂

  • Lozz says:


  • kyteler says:

    This post made my day man. So, so sweet!

  • Hawker180 says:

    that corona is tough!

  • maxe says:

    more workshop posts

    just sayin

  • TOK70 says:

    woah that Y30 is whack! its like over over the top. those exhaust pipes would be the biggest threat to somebodies face.

  • Fury-S12 says:

    i almost fainted at how awesome that fairlady looks from behind but the front ruins it for me awesome place to work however

  • garage_86 says:

    Alexi : What, you mean “thanks for not blogging about food and shoes on your car blog”?

    dont forget the random style opinion, music, corporate rumors, who’s hot who’s not ,flushness,knockoff whining,etc

    Alot of us in the public and the STREETS dont care and sick of it ! Alexi keep it that way ..I really dont care about what you eat and what are on your feet,what furniture and brand you like and whats fiddling on your ears !

    Keep it on subject ! Nori Yaro #1 ! more illegal touge action ! and more privateer garage stuff = “REAL” CAR SH-T

  • Warren says:

    Grats to the guy who spotted the XM. I wonder what this thing does here, maybe he liked the hydrolic suspensions system and the general shape of the car.

  • Rob_180sx says:

    Those Coronas are tough as! And that “Chev” is pretty damn cool!

  • Keitai says:

    I would love to let him work on my Carina.

    But why does he leaves all thsoe cars out in the open like that??

  • TimSS says:

    Я просто довлюсь слюнями…Я ХОЧУ В JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ferenc Csigi says:

    Is there any place in the USA that sells drop springs for a 1980 Toyota Corona?
    Or can I cross reference it with another car like a cressida?
    Your reponse will be greatly appreciated!

  • Ian says:

    Its quirky places like those that I love. You arrive at some strange place, looks like its the wrong address, then BAM!! Cool cars everywhere. Thanks for the amazing article.

  • Paul says:

    You missed in the corner of one of the pictures, the obscure rare limited exported D21A black Mitsubishi Eclipse. They have everything.

  • Pao says:

    What is the rim size of the corona? Also the rim model and the brand. Thank you very much. 🙂

  • Enzo says:

    Any info on that Gloria.
    can it be found:

  • elmer says:

    Give me Gloria, or the wagon!

  • Jake says:

    Sharknose hakosuka. Would love to own one someday.