WAN MEIKU: Option2 x Mercury AE86 race at Tsukuba Part I

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A while back when I took the Skyline to go drifting at Tsukuba Circuit, there was a series of AE86-only one-make races being held by Option2 magazine and Ken Satoh’s Mercury workshop on the same day. The drifting sessions were filling the dead time between races, which was the main event of the morning.

Naturally, there were a whole bunch of very quick hachis there competing in the roughly ten-minute races, running the gamut from expertly tuned and prepared to completely boro and awesome.

The fastest car was Tsutomu Suzuki, driving this Cashiew Trueno, with a best lap time of 1’02.885.

Headlights are heavy, so the covers are just bolted to the bonnet.

Hibino competed in the race in his SR20 turbo D1 Levin, and came fifth overall.

He had a bit of a hard time getting the car to drive in a slight understeer like all the faster ones.

Shinji Minowa brought his drifter out for the race as well.

The race was commented by Shino from Shino Kouba, seen here with Ken Satoh.

This three-door turbo was quite busted, but looked very cool.

Just as the driver was heading out to the track, he realised that he had forgotten to do up his front wheel nuts.

The third fastest car overall was driven by Noritsugu Nagatani, with a best time of 1’03.437.

More tomorrow.

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