LIKE NAKAI: Hard-as-nails Porsche 964

February 10, 2009 12:30 am Published by

Rauh Welt Begriff customer Porsche 964.

3.8L, naturally aspirated, 57 seconds around Tsukuba, zipties and Uzi stencils.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • Om1kron says:

    that shit is mad rugged.

  • zamildrift says:

    That is hot! When I first opened your website I instantly said “holy sxxt.” .

  • zamildrift says:

    And yeah, I think a wallpaper of this is quite good aswell.

  • drift kid says:

    ^^^+1, wall paper, hot porche

  • Shane says:

    phat if only they drifted them!

  • TOK70 says:

    this would be like licking your fingers after eating awesome flavoured cheezles.!!!!

  • kyteler says:

    I love how many guises this car goes through and it just looks so sweet in every one of them.

  • Lozz says:

    i’m loving the frankenstein style stitching lol

  • Merlz says:

    57 seconds around Tsukuba is fucking quick!! like quick quick

    fucking mad respect for that car.

  • DAN-XIII says:

    that is so farken awesome!

  • Lorenzo says:

    +1 for wallpaper too!
    Love that ruff porker look.

  • Alexi says:

    I forgot to mention that this is not one of Akira Nakai’s cars, although it definitely went through his workshop. The owner is the happy looking guy in the second photo.

  • Rob_180sx says:

    Are there any photos of the front end?

    What model is it? I’m not very good with Porsche especially with the 993 and earlier.

    Got any specs on those rims? 😀

  • EKhatch says:

    That might be the single rawest car I’ve ever seen!

  • Greg Martin says:

    @ Alexi.

    Yeah I’d be happy looking all the time too if I had this ridiculous example of a 964.

    This is truly the definition of “HARDCORE”. I thought my caged/stripped S13 was hardcore until I saw this.


  • Clifford says:

    Beautiful, but isn’t this a 911/930? I ask because the rear taillights are not that of a 964 unless it was backdated.

  • Alexi says:

    When the weather gets a bit better in Japan, I’ll have some pics of something you might like.

    I was in a rush that day, so nothing more than what’s there for now.

    The engine was a 3.8, and it had “964” written on the stencils, so…

    Maybe Nakai only made those rear fenders to suit the 911 tail and lights? I wouldn’t put a conversion past Rauh Welt’s craziness, but I’m not a Porsche expert. I’ll ask next time I see anyone from there.

  • Spinaker says:

    This is a sick car!

    Love japanese cars…but this one, sorry but for me porsches are just masterpieces!

  • Porsche_tech says:

    This is not a 964 by any means, though a cool car. Judging by the routing of the exhaust this car is clearly NA (as most RWB cars are) which means it’s simply a 911.

  • Scott555 says:

    Actually Porsche_tech… this could very well be a 964. If you’re judging by the rear-end treatment…the rear quarters are obviously replaced with FRP widebody versions. It’s likely that the owner is just using the 911 tail-light/reflector assembly. Nakai-san plays around a lot with 963 updates to older cars, and vice-versa. You also can’t judge by the wheel offset as the car is a widebody, and would require a different offset/width wheels. Lastly, there is nothing else on this car indicative of it ‘definitely’ being a 964 or an older 911 chassis.

    I’m working on my own RWB style 911 (an MY88 Carrera) in the U.S. It’s a VERY hard style to pass here. Too many 911 purists and not enough crazy track guys. (yet)