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DRIFTING A PORSCHE IN THE RAIN: That is, drifting a Porsche in the rain and not spinning out

By in 21-11-2011 6:48 pm

To those who commented on the Facebook page and those who thought it couldn’t be done, here’s the video.

At a private Porsche-only drift school run by Ken Satoh from Mercury at Minami Chiba Circuit the other day, D1 driver Tetsuya Hibino took out one of the students’ cars to show how it’s done. I might add that this was only his second lap in this car!



DIE RAUH MANN: Rauh Welt’s Akira Nakai

By in 14-01-2011 1:21 am

Note: I wrote this article a couple of years ago for a magazine, but it was never used for various reasons. It might be a little bit out of date, but here it is anyway. I put up some mobile phone pics of the workshop back in this post.

Several years ago, pictures of a flat-black S15 Silvia with a widebody kit and equally wide wheels started appearing in magazines and on the Internet. It was one of those cars that people seemed to unanimously agree looked extremely tough, even if it wasn’t to their own tastes. Shortly after that, pictures of an intimidating matte-black Porsche in a similar style also began to appear, and they both seemed to have something to do with a window banner that said “Rauh Welt” and a guy named Akira Nakai.

“Oh, you should have just said you wanted to come to the Porsche place!” the taxi driver said cheerily as I pulled up outside the Rauh Welt workshop in suburban Chiba, about an hour away from the centre of Tokyo. I had only given him an address to find, but it turns out that Rauh Welt is pretty well known in this area. There was no shop sign outside the large corrugated concrete shed we stopped in front of, but there were telltale piles of worn race rubber and bits and pieces of Porsches strewn around. Rusted exhausts, factory wheels, discarded panels and various lengths of moulded hoses. This was definitely the right place, but the roller shutter to the workshop was still closed. I knocked on the front door, to no answer. Peering through the frosted glass of the door, I could see the low and wide silhouettes of what were definitely Porsches, and hear music playing quite loudly, but there was no sign of movement.



SORRY STUTTGART: Porsche drifter at Honjo

By in 23-02-2009 12:30 am

I took the Skyline out yesterday to Honjo Circuit for a soukoukai run by Shino Kouba X Amazement. What you’re looking at is a dedicated Porsche touge drift car. The owner regularly takes it on mountain drift runs, and only brought it to the circuit after a group of his friends who were attending begged him to come.